* Author Topic: 5 failed icsi then a natural BFP then miscarriage, do I keep going?  (Read 730 times)

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Hi ladies,

I'm looking for some advice.​ As most of you know I had a natural BFP a couple of weeks after a laproscopy that came back clear. I got to 5 weeks before I discovered my HCG was dropping.

I'm now trying to decide whether it's either a good sign that I got pregnant straight after the lap and it's worth continuing treatment/trying with my own eggs or alternatively is the reason the pregnancy ended because of a greater underlying issue with chromosomes/rubbish eggs and that's why it's never panned out?
 I had a chemical with my first IVF then 4 BFNs. I was diagnosed with NK cells and sticky blood after the first three attempts so have been on steroids/clexane and progesterone. They say my embryos are good quality although I never have any to freeze and I have low AMH but always get 10 eggs retrieved. I'm 34 - do I keep trying? x


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    it's a question only you can answer, of course... how much stomach for potential disappointment have you got? It looks to me like you absolutely still have a very good chance--you are young, you're able to make embryos, they're able to implant. But yeah, sadly often bad things do happen along the way... It often takes several disappointments before getting that THB. I can say I hope you will try again, and that if you do, you'll finally get that lasting pregnancy you're so hoping for!