* Author Topic: Donor eggs from proven donor none fertilized  (Read 428 times)

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Hi ladies

Round #3! 7 donor eggs from proven donor. Seen normal (following all tests). All 7 failed to even fertilise despite using icsi. Clinic has no explanation. Anyone had the same experience?

AM 😐🤔


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    Donor eggs from proven donor none fertilized
    « Reply #1 on: 1/08/17, 12:35 »
    Hi Jiblet,
    First of all a big  ^hugme^, it's such a shock when something like that happens, especially with DE! Didn't want to read and run though I did not have quite the same experience but similar:
    DE round 1, also proven donor if I remember correctly (it's been a while), only 4 eggs collected and only one fertilised faulty (double cell core or something). Now we also had severe male factor issues that we already knew about, but up to that point doctors had always said that it 'would be enough'.
    having said that, we did manage a fertilisation.
    since the clinic is also at a loss, I think you have no sperm issue? If the donor is proven, I think it's unlikely that the problem lies with the eggs although basically unless you cannot be 100% sure unless you do PGS or something.

    It could even have been a lab mistake I guess, but I would assume that the clinic would own up to that (or at least I hope!) Have you been at this clinic for your other rounds? How did the fertilisation go in those rounds (or was that with your own eggs)?

    It's rough, take care of yourself!

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    Donor eggs from proven donor none fertilized
    « Reply #2 on: 1/08/17, 19:04 »
    I am sorry this happened to you Jiblet. My immediate reaction was maybe it is a sperm issue. We had a similar thing happen on our first go around with donor eggs..We fertilized eight donor eggs, half with my husband's sperm and half with donor sperm. All fertilized but all four of the eggs with my husband's sperm arrested on day three- we did know his sperm had high frag. All of the DD embryos made it to blast. It resulted in a pregnancy but sadly we m/c at nine weeks. I am now pregnant with DD and due in two weeks. We did not attempt to use DHs sperm again after we had such poor results. I would ask the clinic about sperm analysis if you haven't already done so. Good luck with your next cycle.