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Hello  :)

Welcome to GRI Part 9, this follows on from the previous GRI thread which is now closed for comments, here's a link so you can read back through any past posts

Here's a link to the FF board posting guidelines.  If you're unsure about what you're about to post then pop on and have a look first.  There's guidance on posting about pregnancy and parenting information too which you might find useful if you are still keeping in touch with your clinic thread after a BFP or birth.  Please have a read and respect those members that are still currently going through treatment.

If you have any concerns about any post on the Scotland board please send me a pm by clicking on the link under my name on here or use the report to moderator link on each post.  As with all boards on FF moderation of posts is undertaken by a team of volunteers so please help us by sticking to the posting guidelines and reporting anything you notice when you post.

Happy Chatting



😀 never been the first to comment on a thread before!

How is everyone getting on? I'm still hanging in there, just over 2 weeks until my early scan.xx

Peppermint Tea Fairy:
Willing for AF to start so I can ring and see if they can fit me in. I'm not hopeful though 😔

If they can't book you this month they will definitely get you provisional dates for next month. But fingers crossed 🤞 X

Thanks for the info BabyGood 😊 I was told roughly be 6wks for FET. Got my prostap and first scan appts booked. I've still not mentioned to my employer tho as feel still early days and lucky with dates appt fall but have a feeling may need to tell them soon. Bet you are counting down days til scan Clairabella. Peppermint you should defo get a spot the next month if we're told no space for last cycle. I was told same in Jan and mentioned when called the GRI the following month and now scheduled in for Monday.

Heres hoping plenty more BFP!! Xx


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