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Immunes treatment in India
« on: 23/03/17, 18:42 »
Hello all,

After 7-8 years of trying and being unsuccessful (recurrent miscarriages), decided to go for immunes treatment. All other tests have come out normal including the uNK cells test. I would like to know if we can do any immune treatments in India, anyone had tried? I hav booked for a private appointment in london for the initial consultation, but was thinking whether can go to India for the tests as those immune tests are very costly here.
Any info will be appreciated.


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    Immunes treatment in India
    « Reply #1 on: 29/11/17, 07:59 »
    We are exactly in the same situation and thinking of India too.. from what I came to know from ARGC in London that the only lab in the world that runs the proper immunological tests is located in Chicago and all centres in the world send the blood samples to this lab.. I guess when looking for a centre in India you need to ask them whether they are affiliates of the lab in Chicago or not