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male infertility
« on: 10/05/17, 16:53 »

After been diagnosed with  male infertility  a few years ago now  it is not getting any easier to deal with we went for adoption and it has not worked out for us we are running out of ideas to move forward and to keep positive. Myself and my wife have been through so much and she is older than myself and time for IVF is running out .  Male infertility has  taken its toll on me and my wife and is taken it out on us both and we feel hopeless please help.


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    male infertility
    « Reply #1 on: 21/05/17, 21:29 »
     Have you considered some counselling to help you work out what you like to do? Not have children or try IVF? It could also help you came to terms with infertility.

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    male infertility
    « Reply #2 on: 21/05/17, 22:05 »
    Or donor embryo, if you haven't tried that before? Xx