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Hello everyone, I have been reading this forum and feel compelled to register. My wife and I have been trying for a year and have had no luck so we decided to go doctors.

 My first semen sample came back as zero sperm and we were both devastated like many people on here. I had to give a second sample and that was not much better, but they say after spinning it they found 7 sperm 4 of them alive and motile but all abnormal, I feel slightly better as there seems to be a production of it were previously the showed nothing but obviously somethings not right so we have been referred to a fertility clinic. I'm just wondering what they will do next and if there is any treatment for it?? Thank you all for looking and hope to talk soon, all the best Richard..

Hi Richard & welcome  ^hugme^

I have no direct experience of your problem but there is a urologist called Mr Ramsey who has worked wonders. I've even seen him called the Sperm Genius !!! There is a thread all about him here:

I can't say it's 100% but I'm sure there is a lot that can be done for you. Good luck  ^hugme^

Bundles xx

Hello bundles I'm sorry about my late reply, me and my wife have just gone to menorca for 2 weeks which couldn't of come st a better time really! I hope they can do something, Ithe fact that the 2nd sample showed some sperm (7 abnormal sperm) but goes to show that there is some production hit obviously something's not right. Just hope it all works out and reading all the post on here has made us feel better as we are not alone! Thanks agai, richard🙂

Hi Richard, it's a good sign that there are a few there at least, perhaps you have a blockage somewhere. There is always surgical sperm retrieval that means you can use it for ICSI, so plenty of options available out there if you can't get a good sample out the old fashioned way! Wishing you the best of luck :)

Hi Richard. We have been in similar situation - first semen analysis no sperm and second saw 8 after spinning. We found a lot of helpful information reading through the non-obstructive azoospermia thread in the diagnosis section so you may find it worthwhile having a look through there. Definitely a good sign that there were some found in second analysis. Our next steps were blood tests to check hormone levels like testosterone and fsh and to check for any chromosome issues. Like many others we also saw Jonathan ramsay and started medication which altered hormone levels and this led to having enough sperm to freeze some samples (still small numbers). I have to say that seeing Dr ramsay was a bit of a turning point for us so may be worth looking in to it. Hope this helps!


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