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No sperm??
« Reply #20 on: 13/06/17, 18:18 »
Hi Rich

We were lucky in that our GP was very organised in obtaining bloods/semen tests before we went to see the first NHS consultant so that saved a lot of waiting.  The only additional tests she ordered were the karyotyping ones which had to be sent to a large pathology department at another hospital and she allowed a month for those results to return although in practise they were probably back sooner.  Once the blood tests are back your GP will be sent a copy so I'm sure if you make an appointment in 3-4 weeks he/she will have them back but may not be able to tell you the implications of the results where as the fertility specialist would.

We then also both needed the HIV etc blood tests which needed to be back and clear before we could finally be referred to the private fertility clinic. 

My husband was referred to the urologist alongside our joint fertility clinic referral.  Our time line was roughly this:

Jan - NHS fertility consultant apt.
Feb - me HSG scan, DH karyotyping bloods.
Early March - DH urologist apt.
Late March - NHS fertility consultant  apt to discuss results.
Early May - GUM HIV etc tests
Late May - NHS fertility consultant apt once all clear results were back, we then selected our private clinic.
Late June - Initial nurse  consultation at private fertility clinic inc Follicle count scan for me.
Early July (week later) - consultant apt at private fertility clinic where we received protocol and could have started on next day 21 of my cycle 2 weeks later but we decided to postpone for a month as had booked a holiday.
Late July - DH gave a sample to be a frozen back up - no sperm so returned a week later, some sperm so that was frozen.
August - started ICSI cycle.

Hope that helps 😊
Hi Dory! my wife was tested 1st and all came back good but then i had to gve semen sample but didnt ask for bloods which might have speeded up the process, i might give my dr a ring next week or so and try and get those results at least, I have to give a 3rd semen sample tommorrow but dont know why asking for a 3rd maybe because they found 7 in last one or they just want us to be tested together. Thank you so much for your time to give me this info it really does help and the help and the support on this forum is fantastic! Thank you again! Rich.  :)


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    No sperm??
    « Reply #21 on: 13/06/17, 18:47 »
    Yeah it's a bit of a slog going through the NHS, but it was free for us so really can't complain! Good luck mate, this part that you're going through is rough. I always found that not knowing anything and having to wait for appointments to be the worst bit of the whole journey.

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    No sperm??
    « Reply #22 on: 29/01/18, 20:04 »
    Hi Richard

    Iím so sorry this is such a late reply. Iíve not been on the board much for a while. I am the mother of a two year old boy born through icsi, with the sperm retrieved through mr Ramsay. We had zero sperm in all samples, and yet mr Ramsay got ten vials from a surgical retrieval! Our morphology isnít great but the Lister (our clinic) reminded us we only need one good sperm. So I hope you got a referral to a urologist - but if you are still looking for options, I know mr r works with nhs clinics. You do have to pay him (I think we paid £1500 for the procedure) privately - but if you can some of the rest on the NHS then you can make it work. The reality is that you have to push for male investugations and there just arenít many specialists around. If you are in London I believe mr R does his NHS work at the Hammersmith hospital. But we moved our sperm from there to our clinic.

    Good luck x