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Dear Diary

9 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant

I feel sad. DS and OH have gone to Legoland for a 2 day break without me. I was meant to go but with the bleeding i had a few weeks back, and the fact i cant go on anything, i thought it best that my stepson took my place. DS would benefit from him going more than me.but as the pictures are coming through and im at home twiddling my thumbs, i wish i was with them.
However, i didnt want to potentially ruin the trip for DS if anything bad was to happen whilst there.

So, i have until tomorrow evening all on my own. The rest will be nice. I have a friend coming over in a bit, but she has a tendency to stay for a good few hours but luckily, ive already warned her i have a blood test this afternoon.
Im not sure what the blood test is for, the midwife gave me 2 forms for bloods, 1 for asap (which is today) and 1 for the 12 week scan day but i have no idea which one is which.

Im impatiently waiting for my dating scan date. Im sk excited but nervous too!

I have my 10 week scan at the RMC tomorrow morning, jeez, im so nervous. Its an opportunity for me to see the baby which im excited for but also an opportunity to discover something is wrong.
Luckily its early in the morning.

I had another go on the doppler last night and i went higher up than i normally do and think i found it but its so faint. That said, OH thought he could hear it and he is hard of hearing!

Ah, 22 hours and it will be time for the scan!



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    Dear Diary

    9 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant

    The scan was lovely ❤

    As ive said, this scan was with the recurrent miscarriage clinic and their machine isnt the best. Its really grainy.
    But i managed to get a video. Baby was wriggling away, moving its hand it was amazing.

    Baby Ned, as we call him, is measuring a day or 2 ahead too which is good.
    So ive been discharged from the clinic nowand my next scan will be the dating scan.

    Ive been told to stop the 3rd cyclogest now but im really anxious too. But i guess im going to have too. Then at 12 weeks, stop the Lubion and the Progynova... scary times!

    Eeek, so excited to tell DS!!!

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    Dear Diary

    10 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

    Finally in double figures and ts less than 2 weeks until i hit the 12 week milestone. It sounds shorter if i say 'A week on Saturday'.

    Im still very anxious that all this is going to happen though.. Still gounded that things can still go wrong. I still havent had my 12 week dating scan date yet. Im so impatient. The midwife said i would have got it last week, so i will give it til Tuesday and if i havent received it, i may chase.

    Im not feeling the doppler like i was with DS. Despite it being the same brand, i dont think the quality is as good and i struggle to find it, so i doubt i will use it as much as i thought i would, its currently giving me more stress than relief so im guessing its better to stay away.

    My tummy is getting more rounded at the top and OH thinks im starting to show. I messaged my friend with a pic and she said the same but its very high. Im not sure if its just all the Tesco sandwiches im eating

    Food is still an issue, all i fancy is takeaways and roast dinners... everything else is an effort to eat.

    Its like someone has turned on a tap downstairs.... Forever checking if im bleeding which is costing a small fortune in toilet paper so i googled it and apparently from 10 weeks, cervical mucus increases alot.... Literally happened 10 weeks on the dote

    DS is definitely suspicious something is going on. He regularly talks about us all having another baby so its getting increasingly difficult to not tell him. I would love to, but i need to make sure the 12 week scan show everything is ok, it would break my heart even more to see him disappointed.

    Ive ordered a book for him about being a big brother which will form part of his surprise and our pregnancy announcement (Presuming we do get to that point).

    Symptom Wise, No many cramps anymore, seems to have got better, not very bloated either. Boobs are still tender but alot less than the were a few weeks ago. They are still full too. I havent felt too great today, felt quite icky all morning.

    As for the 3rd pessary, i have been so nervous removing it at 10 weeks. I shouldnt even be having a 3rd, so instead of completely removing it, im using half for the next few days then remove it completely by Friday/Saturday.

    Come on Royal Mail.... I want my letter!!!