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Does anyone else ever hear spirit voices?


Hi everyone,

Just found this section and am finding it quite fascinating that it's here!

I don't think of myself as particularly psychic but I could certainly tell a good few stories of unexplained things that have happened to me over the years.

A couple of months ago I heard a woman one night say very politely "excuse me, can you hear me" at first I couldn't make out what was being said, but she kept repeating the same thing and gradually it got clearer and clearer until I blurted out "Yes!" at which point the voice disappeared.

I am just going through my third and final PGD IVF cycle, this time using donor eggs and just as we were approaching egg collection from the donor I started to hear voices again, just as I was trying to get to sleep. On the nervous donor egg collection day, we collected 12 eggs from our donor and I was very anxious last week about finding out how many eggs had fertilised, I went to bed saying to my husband that we needed at least 6 but in my head I was really hoping and I thought quite realistically for about 8. Just as I was going off to sleep, I heard a man clear his throat as if prompting the other voice to speak, and a woman said "5"!

Now the next day, I'm thinking please do not let them be right, please do not let it be 5!, but what happens, I get a call from Guys hospital to tell me that only 5 out of the 12 eggs were mature enough and all 5 had fertilised! I don't know if I was more shocked about the disappointing numbers or about the spirit telling me the correct number the night before! Either way, I feel very grateful that spirit gave me the heads up on this, I also feel that they are very close to me right now and that they on this journey with me, which I find really comforting.  :)

Just wondered if anyone else has heard voices or had any experienced like this or am  I just a freak!  xx

Hi Acylano,
I have had similar experiences, though not for many years. The messages were brief, clear and accurate. Actually one was when I was buying lottery tickets and asked the "universe" for the correct numbers. I never expected a response but I heard clearly the first 3 numbers before my heart started racing and I freaked out too much to hear the rest. The numbers I was told were the winning numbers and in order, but because I only had the first 3 I didn't win much at all lol. I haven't had a similar experience in more than 10 years, but I know they happen and my experiences showed me I can trust them.


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