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Advice please on what/where to go next...
« on: 16/07/17, 21:50 »
I am hoping this is the right place to post as I would dearly love to hear some of the extensive knowledge and experience that you ladies have!

My husband and I have undiagnosed infertility but were very lucky to have our DD on our second attempt at ICSI at the age of 37. Last year at the age of 39 we tried for a sibling with a FET from our first round and then later in the year another fresh round of treatment. Neither worked and I thought that emotional, physically and financially that was the end of the road for us. Until I turned 40 last month...!

Living in the East Midlands we have used both Care and Nurture and to be honest, for our last round we didn't give much thought as to which clinic to use. However, neither clinic has come up with any suggestions as to what they would do differently or to help produce better quality eggs...quantity has never been the issue. So I started to look at clinics abroad and having read about Serum, I have been in touch with them and completed the course of antibiotics for hidden infections. But I am nervous about committing to any further treatment with them as it seems so daunting (we are very rural so not near any airport) to go abroad and so difficult to plan in around work (teacher).

Basically this really is our last roll of the dice but I am at a loss at where to head for treatment. Can anyone recommend somewhere else that has good results at improving egg quality (we are totally clued up on the supplements!). Would the long or short protocol be better for us? Has anyone had success with mild/natural IVF? Any feedback would be really appreciated...I'm so stuck on what to do that I lie awake at night!


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    Advice please on what/where to go next...
    « Reply #1 on: 18/07/17, 09:43 »

    Hello Moonbiscuit,
    first of all, I want to say sorry you've faced fertility issues. Frankly I know nothing about Serum you were advised to. My issue was a bit different that's why we looked for egg donation clinics. But you have to pay attention to clinic’s services, you’d better define for yourself the options you want to get there, it will narrow your circle of searching.
     May I ask you a question? You still want to try with your own eggs? Are sure about your eggs quality? Because you are not young as me anymore and with age eggs become with less quality, in any case you have to be aware of possible feedbacks