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Hi ljp.  I just wanted to ask.how long you were asked to stay in Spain. Reprofit have asked my to be there for 7 days. This means I have to be over there on my own as we haven't got child care for my daughter. I'm very anxious of being on my own especially after during transfer. Xd


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    We made a holiday of it twice so stayed two weeks but i had a FET on a Saturday and I was just there Friday to Sunday. I know some women just went for the day. They always confirmed the donors egg collection two days before and advised not to book flights til then. Do you have a partner? If so when's he going out?

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I have a five year old son conceived naturally after a 7 year battle including failed ivf with my own eggs. He was a complete surprise as we had been told that we only had a 1% chance of success with IVF and no chance naturally.
    We feel very lucky to have him but I have struggled for the last couple of years with the concept of him not having a sibling. Coupled with having two early losses since having him. We have a very small family with no other children, his cousins are all in their 20's already, I know that he will have friends, but he won't have much in the way of family.
    We are trying to decide whether donor egg ivf is the right thing to do, it's our only option as I am now 46 and perimenopausal. Some days I think that it just wasn't meant to be and that we shouldn't go down that route along with the complications it brings in terms of telling/not telling etc, plus there would be a big age gap between them. Other days I long for another child so badly, especially when you see other siblings playing together or when I get asked by complete strangers whether I have any other children.
    Need to find a way to move forwards one way or another.

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    Hi Poppie, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    I could have written a similar post myself a year ago. My situation is that I have a 6 year old daughter (conceived naturally and easily) and lost a little boy due to Downs at 15 weeks (own egg after IVF). I considered donor egg for a long time and am now looking at my 5 week old (donor conceived) daughter sleeping next to me who I cannot imagine loving more and am already thinking about doing it again! 

    I went to Gennet in CZ and was extremely happy with their care and skill. I'm not sure my second daughter particularly looks like me although some people say she does and some say she looks like our 6 year old. However if you look round at all your friends not all siblings look the same.

    I will be honest with you and say there are days when I still mourn having another genetic child but those moments are getting less and I don't think I could love my baby more if she was genetically my egg. I look at her and my first thought is how unbelievably lucky we are to have been given this gift of donor egg and to have been able to have a second child when for so many years we didn't think it would happen. This was also my second attempt at donor egg as although your chances are much higher with donor, it doesn't always work first time.

    We have 2 embryos left in the freezer which are both donor egg and donor sperm (we did 50/50 own sperm/donor sperm) and I would have no hesitation in using those in the future.

    I have several friends who have adopted children and they are no less their parents than we are with our first born. Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

    I am very happy to chat further if you want to PM me.
    Lots of luck xx

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    Donor egg after naturally conceiving and loss of a child
    « Reply #14 on: 25/08/17, 22:24 »
    Thank you. Only 4 days until we go.. . Very Nervous

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    Donor egg after naturally conceiving and loss of a child
    « Reply #15 on: 26/08/17, 20:42 »
    Poppie - good luck in your treatment. I have never regretted going down the DE route. I love them so much and I barely give the donor aspect another thought, except now my son is 3, and nursery are doing a topic about families, so need to consider how to approach this issue. My daughter is only 10 months so this doesn't arise with her yet. When my son says he loves me, I melt and I don't think he isn't part of me. My daughter only has eyes for me and when I am breast feeding her, she loves to touch my hair, my face etc and I am so in love with her.
    People comment how much like me they both are.