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Protocols for over 40 TTC sibling
« on: 17/08/17, 16:05 »
After 3 unsuccessful FEts ending in MC/chemicals we are going to have a fresh cycle for our TTC sibling.

I was 37 when did last fresh IVF and am now 40. I have a good egg reserve but am keen to know what protocols worked best for you ladies?

We did long protocol last time and got 17 eggs. We have unexplained reasons but were lucky on this first go. I am hoping we can be lucky again ( cos that's what I think it boils down to) on another fresh round.

Are there any tests you would recommend doing prior to starting? We'll both be taking supplements to improve egg/sperm quality.

I'm trying to keep hopeful as I really believe we were meant to have two little ones
Thanks Lulu x


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