* Author Topic: % of Blastocysts 'genetically normal' with severe male factor infertility?  (Read 1337 times)

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Hi all, I have a slightly niche question and just wondering if anyone's experience can help me.
We have been egg banking for most of this year. We managed to get 8 eggs thawed and they just about found 8 motile sperm in DH's fresh sample but it was touch and go. Miraculously 6 fertilised and 5 went to blastocyst. We've previously had reasonable fertilisation rates but low implantation rates (1 baby from 3 rounds of ICSI - 9 eggs total, three years ago).

I've found papers saying that at my age around 45% of blastocysts are genetically normal which should mean that 2 of ours are. However I'm wondering whether the v poor sperm and my low ovarian reserve affect this and maybe none of the 5 are 'normal'. We had a double transfer of the 'best looking' ones but it's looking like a bfn so I'm really looking for hope that one of the remaining 3 may be another miracle baby.

Any similar experience please?


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