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NHS issues
« on: 13/10/17, 09:49 »
I dont know where I stand on this but the GP refered me to the NHS for an AMH test, he put me on fast track as its just a quick blood test and I need it to start IVF but they turned down his rush appointment and I waited over 2 months for the appointment. Then at the appointment they did an overdue smear and the AMH test but they now wont give me the results and its been ANOTHER 2 months... im now 5 cycles behind when I should have started IVF

* the Public Access say the GP will give me the results and they cant and if I can go through them I could order paperwork but it has to be reviewed by the doctors and it will take another 2 months
* the GP says the hospital will have the results
* the hospital department is closed everytime I go there (which is wasting my time and money) and they keep saying to just phone Public Access

surely I have a legal right to the results of a test they run?

waiting 6 months is for a simple blood test (which can be run in a day) is beyond rediculous and its not the first time, the hospital in question has lost results before and after I had my son they even given me the results to a blood test that they never took blood for (they had to leave for an emergancy said they would come back and take blood then never came back but the next day apparently had the results of the test they DIDNT run) ^idiot^

its not only stressfull but it feel pretty dangerous that they keep messing us around, is there any way to get my results (it feels like personal theft to take my blood and then refuse me my results) and also to report this farce because its happened WAY to many times

at this point im going to have to go private and pay for the test to be run all over again because I cant keep waiting, this is costing money ontop of the money wasted to go to the NHS appointments and the time off work already but more so its costing time and my health since the extream stress has caused other health issue


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