* Author Topic: Adding 2nd Legal parent for FET following fertility preservation  (Read 1456 times)

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Hi there

I would like some clarity....

When is it that my partner signs paperwork to be a legal parent to my frosties when we go for transfer? We are not married at present, donor sperm was used.

The clinic at the time said that this would be when we go for transfer but I have heard from another clinic saying that it is at conception (when sperm meets egg) and this paperwork should have been done before the embryos were frozen.

I am now very confused. Can anyone confirm the absolute law re this please?

Many thanks!


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    Don't worry Jupiter - it's before the embryos are transferred. You each need to complete and sign the correct HFEA form nominating your partner to be the second legal parent and this has to be done before the embryo is transferred. Take care with the forms - there have been a few cases recently where they weren't filled in properly and it caused problems.

    Good luck!