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a week ago last Wednesday I had an Endo scratch and NK cell biopsy and spotted and bled every day since then, however yesterday and today it's definitely more period like and heavier.

Clinic have said so what day is my day one to book onto my treatment. How on earth do I know as I've been bleeding everyday since last Wednesday , fresh blood and whilst it's definitely heavy now (today) it's so hard to say what is day one?!

So I'm going for a scan tomorrow to see what the lining looks like and what my useless ovaries are doing?!

My question is I am about to start treatment 21 days after day 1 of my period. What happens if your out by a day or two? What if I say yesterday was my day one but really but was 2 days ago? Does being out a little matter or do I need know exactly when my day one was/is?

Wish I had never had the Endo scratch done now to be honest. It's been a week of bleeding and now today my stomachs in period cramp heaven, I've had enough!


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