* Author Topic: BFP Due Date July / August 2018  (Read 39154 times)

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BFP Due Date July / August 2018
« Reply #530 on: 19/08/19, 11:36 »
Hi Everyone,

Just seeing how everyone is doing now that most of our babies will have turned 1!!!!! :) Hope everyone is doing well!


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    BFP Due Date July / August 2018
    « Reply #531 on: 27/08/19, 08:44 »
    Hi Sm89

    Yep we had lovely 1st birthday celebrations here, hope you did too. It's gone so quickly, love watching him grow and develop though his cheeky smiles and nose scrunched are very cute! We're back at the hospital this week to see the consultant, we've been pushed back to 4 monthly appointments, were monthly at first to check everything. He's doing well but is a bit behind what's considered average developmentally.

    He's now annoying his big sister by crawling over her little games and puzzles and last week chewed a couple of her little shop items - she was not amused  ;D. We've had a couple of little breaks away before maternity leave ended - wish it was longer!

    Hope everyone is well