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Hi nichub
My lo is now 7 weeks he has a possible milk allergy as he had reflux vomiting every feed and it was projectile! He was also wheezy constipated and colicky. We tried nutramigen lipil but it got worse so the gp gave us puramino which after a rubbish weekend the vomiting settled and he was taking his feeds and didnít vomit. Heís been on the puramino for 2 weeks this week heís fussy at the bottle again and sometimes only taking 3 ounces whereas he was taking 6 ounces last week. Heís sleeping a lot even during the day and heís been vomiting again and falls asleep taking a feed and even changing his bum doesnít wake him enough to open his mouth. He does have the cold but thatís getting better now so Iím not sure what else to do! Do I try a bigger teat or should i try the gaviscon from the gp that I got ? Itís not every feed heís sick but he does cough especially on winding and then he chokes winds and then vomits. 😕the hv is due to come on Tuesday for his review but they arenít that great tbh x


Sorry to hear youíre having a touch time, I would definately try the gaviscon if it has been prescribed, and maybe ask for a referral to a paediatric dietician xx

Thanks Nic
The hubby thinks itís the cold thatís causing the cough and vomit but his burps can be pretty loud. Will try the gaviscon and see what happens and take it from there. Canít believe Iím doing this again with child no2! X


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