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IVF - Follicles Stalling
« on: 14/11/17, 12:57 »
Hi ladies,

Currently going through my first IVF.
I have one PCO, and have three medicated IUI's this year which I responded well too, sadly still BFN.

My Day 5 scan showed 16 follicles measuring between 4mm and 10mm
 I therefore started Cetrocide and continued with 150 menopur.

Day 8 scan showed barely any growth at all. The top follicles are still 10mm, some of the smaller ones have caught up to 6 - 7mm.

I'm dazed by it all. The nurse was not at all happy with my progress. I had my estrogen checked with came back low amd therefore had a phonecall to now take 225 menopur last night and tonight. Due for a scan at 9am in the morning.

Has anybody encountered stalled - slow growing follicles and still got to ec?

I'm devastated at the minute

I had posted this is the general section but I think this group may be more appropriate  x


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