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Going on the pill
« on: 17/11/17, 20:34 »
Hi guys.

Our final cycle has only recently failed so it is still all very raw with many different thoughts and emotions going through my head but one of the main ideas that is sticking with me is the idea of going on the pill.

Of course I wouldn't be taking it as a contraception to stop me getting pregnant as we certainly don't need or want that. What I'm thinking is that it may be one of the only ways I can properly move on. I have regular monthly cycles which include ovulation pain (so I always know when I'm ovulating and can't block out/forget about it) and heavy, painful periods.

One part of me knows that the only way to move on is to not have these cycles anymore, then I can't think 'I'm ovulating, we must try tonight' as I'm fed up of having a scheduled sex life which involves constant upset and arguments if we miss our window. Nothing is spontaneous and fun anymore.

I also can't see the point in suffering every month for nothing until I finally run out of eggs and go into menopause.....

I know I'm lucky in one way to have a monthly cycle, but its also a hindrance as I still have to go through it all when apparently all I'm releasing is useless, poor quality eggs. Plus DH also has fertility issues.

To me going on the pill (sorry I can't call it contraception) is way of getting my life back and to help me move on but its also going to mean that that 'natural miracle' that we all secretly hope for will definitely never happen.

Just wondering if anyone has done this or has any similar thoughts? I'm giving it until the new year anyway and will see how we feel then.


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    Going on the pill
    « Reply #1 on: 17/11/17, 21:34 »
    I suppose it would make you feel more in control of the situation. However, have you been doing counselling? It can really help deal with feelings and move on.

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    Going on the pill
    « Reply #2 on: 17/11/17, 22:18 »
    I can understand where you are coming from after a failed cycle, itís devastating and Iím so sorry it didnít work out.

    However, if you are ovulating and your partner has some sperm even if itís not great quality, then there is a chance. Ok, so your eggs may be deemed poor quality after IVF where your body has been pumped full of hormones, but that doesnít necessarily mean the egg you release each month is poor. And even if it was, you could still have the odd good one.

    I donít know the background so hope you donít think Iím being presumptuous but If there is a chance of natural conception Iíd be nailing the timing every month and hoping for the best as Iíd want to make sure Iíd not missed an opportunity. Some would probably chose a more relaxed apprach (which would probably have the same chance of working!) but everyone is different, and every situation is different. Miracles do sometimes happen and people do sometimes get pregnant even with the odds very much stacked against them.

    I do understand the need to take control of the situation and IVF leaves us with very little control.

    I wish you all the very best! Xxx

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    Going on the pill
    « Reply #3 on: 2/12/17, 19:52 »
    Copper bird, I can kinda see your logic but I think your are then completely ruling yourself out. I know the chances may be slim of a spontaneous pregnancy.....but if you are ovulating and your are intimate.....there is always a chance....and it does happen.
    Iím sure you have tried everything at this stage. Have you been on dhea....I have read a lot about spontaneous pregnancies with this after a few months of taking it.
    But I know you have to find a way to move on....there are other things that you could make your focus. I would avoid the pill.....my opinion only xxxxx