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Rubbish stimming scan :-(
« on: 1/12/17, 16:58 »
Hello ,

Just after some reassurance really, I've a low AMH. I'm taking DHEA and Q10 for quality too as despite my age the quality is factor.

I'm on day 10 of stimming and had my scan this morning. Sad to see not much is happening in there  :( one ovary has a cyst that seems to have taken over it so no follicles seen in there. The other one had two follicles , one was 12mm and the other 9mm .......and what appears to be an exterior cyst now forming on the outside of that ovary.

I also have hydro's in both my tubes (both tubes are clipped)

That's my lot  ???

Clinic want me to continue stimming (450 menopur) and go back on Monday. I knew I'd be a poor responder, I always have been....but I thought I'd get maybe 4 follicles like last time?! But just two, and neither up to the 20mm size? Will they get to 20mm?

Starting to feel like trying again at this IVF lark was a waste of time and money  :-\


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