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Embryos Available
« on: 4/01/18, 13:08 »

This post could be controversial and I'm really sorry if it offends anybody. We have five embryos left over from our treatment and we wish to donate them. We've got three children of our own and two were from this 'batch', the third was a surprise. We've had counselling as is compulsory and we've been given the all clear from the blood tests so they are officially ready to go. Here's the problem - one of the issues that came out of counselling was that my husband only feels happy donating if he is fully 'replaced', so he will only donate to a couple where there will be both a Mum and a Dad. The clinic was fine with this but have now turned around and said that this isn't possible under the Equality Act. The annoying thing is that we found a lovely couple on here over a year ago but they objected to her age - so much for the Equality Act then! The only way that we can restrict the donation is to donate to named recipients.

The embryos are in Southampton and will be donated as they are used so any left over after treatment would not be 'owned' by the recipient, this is to avoid destruction just because they are no longer needed. This would mean that treatment must take place in Southampton.

If anybody is interested (I can understand if not after all this) then please do let me know. Everything else is in place for the donation to take place quickly, it's been an unbelievably drawn out process.

Thank you,

B xx


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    Embryos Available
    « Reply #1 on: 9/01/18, 12:31 »
    Ladies I'm in the middle of acute tonsillitis so have neither the time nor energy to modify the replies that were made to this thread. We all have our opinions & are entitled to them, however sometimes it's best we keep them to ourselves, especially in print where they could be so easily misconstrued.
    The OP has made this post offering an amazing gift, with whatever conditions she wishes. If the offer is not suitable then move on. It is an offer, not a request for criticism. I will lock this thread now so anyone wishing to ask after these embryos can do so by PMing Burnie W.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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