* Author Topic: Any successful pregnancies with declined hCG?  (Read 385 times)

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Hi All, we have been on a roller coaster ride with our efforts to have a baby over the last few years. 4 miscarriages, then not being able to conceive for 1.5 years, NHS didn't want to deal with us due to my age and ovarian reserve, we started IVF privately in Nov, which failed as they couldn't retrieve any eggs, then my next IVF round was scheduled for the end of Jan, and in the meantime I realised I got pregnant again naturally. My first blood test showed very low progesterone, and I started taking progesterone pessaries and injections, however, on my blood test this week my hCG declined, and I was advised that it's an indication of another miscarriage. I need to retest again next week. I am looking for an advice if someone else have been in a similar situation with declined hCG and still had a successful pregnancy in the end? Is there any hope for it? Thanks!


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    Any successful pregnancies with declined hCG?
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    Hi Hopeful
    Didn't want to read and run.

    I've not any positive story to share- when I hav had HCG tested it was both times increasing but not doubling and ended in MC's.
    I hope maybe someone has a positive story.
     Sending you hugs- it's a horrible wait xx