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Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
« Reply #140 on: 8/02/18, 18:50 »
Just a quick hello to everyone.

 I will try to catch up properly over the weekend. I had to cancel my doctor's appointment because I had to go last minuet to Manchester as my best friend's mum passed away last Saturday. :'( :'( :'(
It's been very emotional the last fews days, plus I had a job interview (needless to say it was a disaster :()and I still haven't heard about my blood tests yet. I am glad I went to be with my friend when she needed the most but now I will probably  need to wait another month or so for a new appointment. It's bloodyy hard sometimes.. :'(
I hope your ladies have fun tomorrow and sending big hugs to everyone ^hugme^


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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #141 on: 8/02/18, 21:21 »
    Tily, great news about your FSH coming down with all the wheatgrass and oestrogen! I am keeping everything crossed for this cycle for you. Three follicles of that size sounds brill.  Will you be using an antagonist? I love mexican so that sounds great to me. Thanks again for organising! xxx

    Welcome back queenie, sorry to hear that you are sitting out again. The wait must feel agonising. Will you be able to join us on Sat?

    LXP - congrats on being PUPO! As others have said try not to worry about the quality, if the clinic felt good enough to transfer, it's a good sign.... and it's brilliant that you got all the way to ET as for lots of us that doesn't happen.  keeping fingers and toes crossed it will be good news for you in just under 2 weeks. How did the third one look today - did it get to blast?

    Laura, sorry that your doctor was so crappy. I have heard that about NHS before that they just want to do LP (and presumably why they turn a lot of us down as we just won't respond to LP and it makes their job harder!). It is a little more work for them to monitor on SP but not much so it's just lazy to not want to try it!

    Helen, at Lister they freeze embryos day 1 too if you're not able to transfer at that time, and they say that the embryos behave just like fresh when they thaw them if frozen at that stage and then they take them to blast (I guess that's what Laura's clinic will do for PGD?).  I am supposed to be doing a 'natural transfer' next time but plan to supplement with oestrogen as my lining is unlikely to get there on its own. I have the dilemma of whether I start it before being scanned or wait until they tell me to take it..... they always tell me to take it late and then I have the stress of whether my lining will thicken on time or not (that happened for my last two stim cycles). I hope you don't have to cancel and that you can push it a bit with some oestrogen supplementation over the next few days.

    Mac, v sorry to hear about your friend's mum, that is awful. I'm sure your friend appreciated you being there for her at this difficult time though, but it's a real pain that you had to miss your apt. I'm sure the karma will come round and that you will be rewarded for it though... x

    Hi to everyone else and looking forward to catching up on Sat.

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #142 on: 8/02/18, 21:28 »
    Mac78 I'm sorry about your friends Mum.

    Shandywheat  we were shocked at how many eggs we got and that they fertilised. I guess I just started to expect/want more lol! Our third did not meet freeze criteria so all is riding on these two!

    Do you ladies take aspirin? The consultant told us not to which surprised me given my history of MC.

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #143 on: 8/02/18, 21:56 »
    Hello lovelies!

    I have been reading this thread for more than two solid hours and scribbling on my note pad to make sure I am properly caught up (defo beats working every evening for 2 hours!). I've missed you!

    Rossss, Briss, KatKat, Baby Hopeful - I'm so very sorry about your BFNs. The emotional rollercoaster is horrible. I hope you have let yourselves feel sad for however long you needed to, and that your plan for 'what next' is giving you something positive to focus on. It's always brilliant to get to transfer, so I'm happy for you that your embies took you that far and keeping everything crossed for happier news next time.

    Sunshine - amazing that your day 3s turned into blasts! That's awesome. And you have 3 in the freezer so that's always very hopeful. I like your way of telling people you are saving for a special holiday and that's why you are skint. I wish I'd thought of that! I'm with Create and I've never had Letrozole mentioned. Hope things go brilliantly when you get to transfer stage.

    AnnaKey - thought that was quite rude of your doc to tell you to stop reading up on IVF. Welcome to 2018 Doc and patient empowerment - no decision about me without me and all that. They should welcome the questions and any challenge! I think it was you who mentioned oocyte activation in Belgium, I've read about this but haven't had much luck finding a clinic that offers it. Will have a Google. Hope any hint of pesky cyst disappears.

    LXP - hooray for a great egg haul! And congrats on being PUPO!! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you.

    Klik - so very sorry about your Asherman's diagnosis. So unlucky. But great that you have your appointment with the illusive Harley St doc in the diary now for the hysteroscopy. I'm very hopeful that he is going to be able to help you. Sorry you have to cut short your visit with your friend though. Would be lovely to meet your pal from Norway on Sat. I would have felt exactly as you did if DH's pal rocked up with his pregnant chick and a tale of 'trying for a long time'. I know it's all relative and there's often much we don't know about other people's lives; but I would still have felt upset about it. Perfectly natural I think.

    Helenbeau, what cycle day are you? Has your clinic indicated what thickness they think is needed as a minimum? I usually have a thick lining (too think because of endo I think) so not sure how helpful my thoughts would be. Hope you are able to transfer this week. And could you try naturally too if you do trigger? I read something about sperm helping the implantation/environment. Worked for me on my FET! Also, your 'your doctor is a 'pr&£K' comment made me lol. Thanks!

    BabyHopeful, I'm sorry you are having to give others support and comfort when it should really be the other way around. Seems a little unfair. Chin up chicken.

    Tily, thank you so much for arranging our meet up. I love Mexican so that's good for me if good for others. I'm nervous about how I will recognise you all though. Can someone wear something identifiable?!! I'm sorry AF is painful. There's been a lot of painful boobs, AF, migraines - the things our bodies get put through. Hope you're feeling better and that your follies stay even for you. Looking good so far.

    Shady - I will be your FET partner in March I think :) Putting two back - I understand the considerations and there are many, but a little bit of me feels excited about that prospect for you. I have never had two to put back as I've never had two! Looking forward to seeing you on Sat lovely!!

    Queenie, hope your trip went well. Good luck for next cycle.

    Laura - I think your clinic is NHS, right? I am perhaps a bit cynical but in my (limited) experience, they like the long protocol because a cycle is then easier to time and control. My NHS clinic didn't do weekend retrievals and had to schedule patients around this. It's annoying they won't entertain the idea of trying something different other than adjusting the stim dose (same response as my NHS consultant after my first BFN). I hope you get some fab luck with the next cycle whatever approach you choose.

    Briss - how's the job going? Really pleased your egg fertilised and you got to transfer. And well done you for still BF! Feeling optimistic for you for your next cycle.

    Hi BlueDolphin, hope you're getting on okay with your vits and that they are legit vits (I'm sure they are; I always start thinking that about Amazon purchases!).

    Ma66 and everyone else - hello!

    AFM, I'm sorry for being AWOL. Jan turned out to be the month of lurgy. I've had tonsillitis twice and a really bad cough/cold in between. I'm all about Feb and the slightly longer days. On the mend now. Didn't have my scratch in Jan because felt ill so having it this month instead and will hopefully put frosty back in March. In the meantime, I am continuing to test out my Norethisterone hypothesis and am taking it before cycles. I definitely had later than usual OPKs positives this month but obviously no clue as to whether I've ovulated something (useful) or not. Poor DH has been made to BD within an inch of his life regardless.

    Hope you all have a good Friday and lovely weekend. See some of you on Sat :) xxxx

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #144 on: 9/02/18, 00:01 »
    Just a quick one...Anyone here good with blood results?
     Worried about my continuing thin lining I decided to get my estrogen level checked this afternoon with the thinking that if my estrogen is low then maybe thatís the reason my lining is thin. Thought this could be valuable info. My level was 1670 pmol ... itís difficult to tell on google but doesnít seem too low to me. Is it low or good for day 13 with 1 dominant follicle?
     My LH level was 25 which again seems about right just prior to ovulation. Anyone got any insights into these levels? If my estrogen is ok then maybe I need to look into other things which might be affecting my lining...Iím wondering now if it has something to do with my D&C in July. Iím nervous to think about transfers with a duff lining.
    And a moan about clearblue 4 day ovulation tests. They are meant to show high levels of estrogen and then a peak of LH. Ive been doing them since day 8 and no high level smiley face which I canít understand with the test result I got this afternoon. Unless my estrogen has risen very slowly and shot up since this morning. Weird. Iíve always thought those tests werenít reliable. Moan over. Have a good night x

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #145 on: 9/02/18, 01:16 »
    Ladies, I'm trying to catch up as I've had a busy week helping my parents clean up their house and prepare it for renting. I exchanged IVF despair for bitter nostalgia, what a great deal!  :)
    I hope you have a great time getting together, sending hugs and love to everyone!

    Tily: 3 follicles so close in size is great, I think that is they passed the dreaded 10-11 mm size they will grow nicely. I'm using the word `dreaded`because I had a follicle stop growing at around 10-11 mm and perhaps the dr should have upped the dose instead of telling me that 'so is nature`. The Femara protocol has great results with DOR ladies, I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

    MA66: I'm a bit surprised the RE said it's ok for follicles to be bigger than 10 mm on CD 2. Also, the presence of a cyst has a negative impact on IVF outcome, even if it doesn't produce estrogen. This is what I've been reading over and over again. As other ladies here have mentioned, BCPs can be oversuppressive for low AMH/poor responder ladies. They are good at suppressing cysts, though, so it's a double edged sword. Let us know what you decided.

    LXP: how are you? when are you testing? will you do a frer or go directly for bloods? This is so exciting, I hope you enjoy this time and find nice ways to chill and hope for the best!

    Laura: long protocol is great for normal responders, and sometimes not so great for others. Have you tried it yet? You could ask your RE to clearly outline the advantages of long protocol over the more often used short antagonist protocol.

    Queenie: hope you get a decent amount of antrals next cycle!

    Helen: thin lining is one of the risks of natural. 2,5x1.9 is a bit big for a dominant ready for ovulation. 2.2 is optimal (I know this as I used to monitor my dominants last year when I was clueless about DH's azoospermia and we were trying naturally). I've seen this happen so many times - big follicle turning into a cyst, not bursting at ovulation, just lying there uselessly. Positive OPK, no ovulation. I do hope this is not your case, please forgive me for mentioning it, I'm just sharing, not trying to upset you. Your levels are normal for day 13, I think. You should definitely do all you can to catch a good egg, you really never know what's inside a follicle. Yes, estrogen thickens the lining. Are you still in contact with Reprofit? (sorry if you already mentioned this!)

    Babyhopeful - wishing you a nice, peaceful weekend! Maybe pamper yourself a bit? :)

    Pickle: sorry to hear about your health issues, March is almost here! Regarding Dr's advice to stop reading, I honestly envy patients whose problems are light enough not to bother questioning anything their dr. says. Unfortunately, I'm a control freak and I've seen drs make careless, serious mistakes.

    Mac - sorry to hear about your friend and cancelling drs appointment. Did you miss this cycle and have to wait for the next?
    Briss- how are you? any plans for spring? sending you a big hug!

    Shady, Klik - hope you are ok, have a great weekend!

    AFM - I'm dreading my next RE appointment when AF arrives (hopefully this weekend!), as she will check my antrals and see if the cyst disappeared. If all goes well, I should start stimmimg this Monday. I've been taking 4mg oestrogen daily since  last Monday, so what had to happen has probably already happened, even if it means that the cyst disappeared or is still hanging around. I will not cycle with a cyst and I decided at the last moment not to take an antagonist from day 21 together with oestrogen. I felt like I twisted my dr's hand when I asked her to prescribe it. I was also afraid it might mess up my levels. So just waiting for AF, no hormonals this month, in all honesty, I despise the word FSH, I don't want to test it or hear it ever again. I read that oestrogen may not be so efficient at suppressing FSH levels, other sources claim it is. Who knows.
    Thank you ladies for your kind words regarding the DE dilemma. It is far from easy and I don't blame DH for being skeptical or reluctant. I'm more aware of the situation as it is my body acting crazy and old, not his. I hate denial and I told him to be aware that DOR is the main cause of our first IVF failure, not dr's choice of protocol, medication, etc. Also, I was clear that we should decide what's best for us in the next year or so, I don't want to spend years and years hoping that one day we'll be on the same page. Unfortunately, we already postponed TTC for 2 years because he wasn't ready. I was ready at 36 (we're both the same age), he wasn't. I can't stop thinking 'what if', although that means we would have found out earlier I was DOR and he had azoospermia. But I'm certain our IVF chances would have been better.
    However, I will not give in. I love him dearly, but I feel I've already given him enough time. It wouldn't be fair to say that I wasted my last years of fertility waiting for him to be ready, because ultimately it was my choice to be with a man I loved, but who wasn't ready for kids when I was. I firmly told him that egg donation is not child donation (I know, it sounds awful). I would receive a cell, not a child. DOR is irreversible, it hurts me in so many ways, our chances are very slim, we will keep trying, but he should at least consider this option as we keep trying. I don't want to fail over and over again, and spend another 2 years in tears, shock,  getting used to the idea of DE, rejecting it, then obsessing and going back and forth. I want a life, a family and this nightmare to be over.

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #146 on: 9/02/18, 09:39 »
    queenie: welcome back! FX'ed for some beautiful follicles next cycle!

    Helen: your follicle size and E2 and LH are all beautiful for the stage right before ovulation. I wonder whether you don't want to try to grab that egg, actually, though with LH surging you'd have to have some luck with the timing in order not to miss the egg... As for a transfer, I wouldn't do it on a 5.8 lining. Did your lining used to be thicker before your D&C? If so, yeah, I would suspect Asherman's... But if this is the first time you've seen it be thin, it may just be that it was a dud cycle--you can try giving it another chance to see what happens... Ugh, I really hope you don't have it. I mean, thank goodness there's a(n expensive) way to address it, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone...

    Babyhopeful: I wish you a speedy recovery...

    Mac78: I'm sorry about your best friend's mum, and I'm really sorry you had to cancel your appointment and are probably stuck waiting another month. I have to say, I've become quite single-minded about TTC. I will not do anything that will get in the way of my cycling. Though I've done things like having phone consultations before when I had to be travelling at a time when I needed a consultation... Sorry, I'm not at all saying you shouldn't have been there for your friend--I think it's wonderful of you that you were. But personally, I've just become selfish when it comes to this. Everything else can go on the back burner. I'm sorry, too, about the job interview... DP and I have also been having a really rough couple of years--I totally know what it's like when it feels like everything is going wrong at the same time... I send you big hugs...

    Shady: as I understand it, for a natural-cycle FET (maybe with a bit of oestrogen help), it's not a good idea to start the oestrogen early. This is because oestrogen suppresses your follicles' growth, which means you won't be getting your naturally-produced oestrogen, which is really what one is going for in a natural-cycle FET. The FET protocol that has you taking oestrogen from the beginning of the cycle (Katkat is familiar with that one) is one where your follicles don't develop and you don't ovulate--virtually all your hormones are supplied artificially. But that's not the protocol you're on, so it's better to wait until your lead is really secure in its role, and only then adding some artificial oestrogen is not going to stop your lead from doing its job.

    LXP: my consultant said that the studies on aspirin are inconclusive--that, if anything, there's a tiny negative correlation between taking aspirin and success. That said, they prescribe Clexane to pretty much everybody, to thin the blood...

    Pickle: thanks! Lol, your description of DP's friend rocking up was spot on! I'm sorry about your tonsillitis and cough/cold... As for your DP "having" to BD, that really is one of the saddest things about this process--how sex becomes, so often, an obligation... If I'm lucky, I get to have a transfer in March, too--though I'd love it if all this obligatory BD'ing paid off for you ahead of time!

    Anna: personally I've cycled with haemorrhagic cysts and non-functional cysts that didn't really get in the way of anything. That said, my ovaries are spacious enough for the few follicles I have, so the space-taking aspect of cysts has never been a problem for me as I know it is for some women. For me, ageing has taken precedence--I'd rather try and fail than wait and wonder... No baby for me yet, though, so take what I say with a bucket of salt... As for your struggles with your DH, that's one of the most heartbreaking aspects of LTTTC--it puts an enormous strain on relationships. I'm in permanent wonder that DP and I are still together after all this. And we do see eye-to-eye on most important aspects, but when you don't--like, when you disagree on DE--wow, that's tough. I just really hope you don't have to get to that decision at all. I understand that you feel a need to know that you have a plan B, I understand that you need to plan your life, but you do have a chance to try with OE, and hopefully--hopefully! that will be all you need!

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #147 on: 9/02/18, 09:50 »
    Hi Anna,
    I totally feel you, especially when you say I want a life and this nightmare to be over! Itís so unfair and difficult and thereís really no support out there apart from groups like this and we have to go through so much mentally and physically. It just sucks. And not surprising that it takes over your life and mindspace because we are trying to make decisions that nobody should have to make, so there isnít an easy answer or a right answer.
    Where do you have your RE appointment?
    I did wonder whether my dominant follicle was actually a cyst. Who knows? Iím fed up of trying to second guess everything.

    AFM Iím concerned that my lining isnít growing even when my estrogen level seems sufficient naturally 1670. Not sure how medicated FET would make any difference unless I just need super huge amounts of estrogen to get it going. You wonít be surprised to hear that nobody got back in touch with me a Reprofit to tell me what I should do. The Dr and my coordinator were away but I didnít know that. Eventually emailed another coordinator who just said your lining is too thin, what are you trying to do? Try again next cycle!.... Thanks for your professional opinion! Iíd really feel Iíd like some more care from a Dr at least. Klik, youíve been through this with your lining, what do you think? Low estrogen or something underlying?

    So another month goes by....Iím so tired of bad results and everything going wrong every month! I know I was advised to have a month off the drugs but wish Iíd taken them now. Iím going to take estrogen for the next three days and see if it makes any difference to my lining, scan on Monday and maybe I can still have this FET transfer, itís a day 6 embryo so I have some time. Is that a crazy idea ladies? Am I wasting money to scan again? Feel free to give me a virtual slap, I might need it as Iím going down the ivf obsession tunnel!

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #148 on: 9/02/18, 12:01 »
    Tily, 3 follies of that size sounds really good, hopefully they all keep growing at the same rate for you.

    MA66, what did you decide to do? Youíre at create too arenít you, which surprises me as when I had a cyst less than 20mm I couldnít cycle, they didnít even want to check if it was estrogen producing. Who was your consultant?

    LXP, congrats on being PUPO, whens ur test date?

    Babyhopeful, sorry youíre still feeling rubbish, hopefully a restful wkend will help you feel better.

    Pickle, 2hrs to catch up and making notes, thats very impressive!! Can I ask what protocols you had at create? Did you do estrogen priming or a clomid cycle at all?

    Annakay, can i ask in regard to your comment about a big follicle turning into a cyst despite a positive OPK and not ovulating, if this happens would you still get a BBT rise? Iím wondering if this is what happens with me. I guess the only way to help this is to take a trigger shot? Sorry that you are having such a rubbish time, I know exactly where youíre coming from about wanting your life back. Me and DH have had so many rough patches around ttc/IVF, mainly me thinking he doesnít care but in truth he really does care alot he just hasnít let it take over his life (like me).

    Helen, I canít give you much help, making decisions is one of the worst parts of this and knowing if your doing the right thing. But maybe give estrogen and another scan a try if only so as not to regret it.

    Afm, no real news, hopefully will ovulate next week, hope DH is ready!! How i miss the days when sex was spontaneous/romantic. Am planning to take cyclogest after ovulation and then hopefully cycle again next month but will prob have a cyst so in reality could be waiting until april!! Part of me thinks just to take BCP to prevent any cysts but dnt really want to add in anything else this month in the hope my ovaries Ďbounce backí.  One last question, is taking BCP in the luteal phase alone as effective as getting rid of cysts if i took it for the full 3 weeks?

    Have a good werkend everyone and enjoy youíre meal tomorrow xx

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    Low AMH / High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 6
    « Reply #149 on: 9/02/18, 13:02 »
    Helen, am sure you're already doing this but take high dose vitamin e, high dose selenium (and l arginine), if you can get hold of it then vaginal viagra twice a day (if you don't have it  then it would take too long to order it I think as it comes from somewhere like Singapore I think), legs up in the air, keep the blood flow going, take beetroot shots or get some raw beetroot and make some larges juices over the next few days. I can't really say this really helped me but it helped others. The only difference ever for me was the viagra. I think my follicle was the same size or a bit bigger than yours. 25x19 is only 22mm on average, that's not massive. In my case LH was about the same as yours and my estrogen was a bit lower. I ended up ovulating overnight, it didn't turn into a cyst. (briss ovulates when her LH is higher than what we both had; so maybe you do too and therefore haven't had a strong positive yet; it may also mean that your lining could still grow as I think it accelerates at the end before the follicle ovulates). Also, I used the One Step Midstream ovulation tests from Amazon and the day I did my bloods it showed the strongest peak I've ever had. Sometimes these cheaper tests are better! And I defo ovulated as the follicle was gone on my scan 2 days later. So I am confident you are about to ovulate, however maybe not imminently (?) considering the opk's. I hope your lining thickens enough. Have a glass of red tomorrow at the restaurant, it has antioxidants ;)

    We also had quite a few rough patches throughout this IVF journey, for me that's become normal! The most recent one was about alcohol this week, i was furious he got drunk on Tuesday at his trade event. He called it 'but I had to go networking and really, I just needed to let my hair down'. I am such a whinging whining partner all the time these days, I wished I could just let it go and let him have his fun without feeling resentment or telling him off. He really hardly ever drinks anymore and this means he basically doesn't socialise anymore, it's just the two of us stuck together all the time, doing basically hardly anything as every penny goes to IVF. I feel terrible that I am reacting that way, but with my 42nd looming on the horizon I feel every minute counts. And he had promised he wouldn't get drunk :( is it so difficult to stop after 1-2 pints?! It's not for the rest of his life! Although admittedly it feels like it right now, for me too. Anyway runt over!

    On a happier note - looking forward to meeting a lot of you again tomorrow. Was it around 18.30?