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Missed miscarriage at 41 after 4 IVFs.
« Reply #10 on: 3/03/18, 06:17 »
Hi ladies

This is a very encouraging thread.  I've just had my second IVF failure, ended in a missed miscarriage.  MagicPillow I understand where you are coming from as I had a good collection...considering I only have one working ovary and all my eggs fertilised to blastocyst. However, my problem is also age and the quality of my eggs. At this age (almost 42), there are a lot more abnormalities.

So I am starting to investigate DE and the benefits of doing it in the UK or going abroad.  I too worry about the long waiting periods here but I am encouraged by a couple of you who didn't have to wait too long. I used to be hesitant about using DE and not having a genetic link to me. Now I just want to have a baby and I can't see myself loving it any less than if it were genetically mine. I fell like I am running out of time.

Best of luck.


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    Missed miscarriage at 41 after 4 IVFs.
    « Reply #11 on: 3/03/18, 06:48 »
    Hi Kris

    I also suffered a missed miscarriage a year ago at the age of 41. It was my first go at ivf and I only had 3 average looking day 3 embryos and had them all transferred. After the missed miscarriage, I vowed never to do this again as it hit me hard on top of the whole ivf process. However a few months later, I felt differently and knew I wanted a baby but wanted to minimise as much risk as possible. I had my left tube removed (suspected hydrosalpinx) and decided to move to double donation in Spain. Iíve now had 3 FETís with good quality embryos and none of them have been successful. Iím now preparing for my 4th which will be a natural fet for the first time. If this one doesnít work, I need to start thinking about next steps. Iím not ready to give up but I am finding it draining travelling to Spain time and time again, so will look into waiting lists in the uk.
    I would consider using an agency if it cuts down the wait but it is another expense and it feels a bit exploitative (but maybe the whole ivf business is - money talks!).
    Lots of stuff going through my brain but really good to hear other peopleís experiences!