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Surrogacy in Ukraine Part 2

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Welcome to Surrogacy in Ukraine Part 2  :)

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Hi all,
Quick question for those who have successfully had babies in Ukraine. What did you do about feeding? Did you use Ukranian formula and then wean the baby off it and onto a local formula when back at home?
Thanks in advance,

We used a formula over there called Nutrilon. It's their version of Aptimil and meant that when we got back to the Uk, we could move onto Aptimil. I don't think there is any difference between them but I still bought some Nutrilon back with me and did a gradual switch, just in case.

HIPP is also available there and here so you could try that and that way, you buy it there and use the same one over here.

There's a lot of international brands available in kiev for baby items so don't worry :)

S xx

Hello everybody
I have read this thread from the beginning with admiration of all the parents that put efforts to achieve parenthood. I also admire and follow the once stil ploughing on.

I am contemplating going to Ukraine for DE IVF or surrogacy. I have emailed some clinics and waiting for response.
Is anyone here who has already joined the programme or successful of african origin. I wonder whether they have other ethnic DE or just caucasians.
I will appreciate any suggestions.

Welcome, Searchingforamiracle! I hope youíll get your miracle soon!🍀
Congratulations Stilltryingandhoping for your baby, Iím so happy for you and happy to hear you are already trying for a second baby! Good luck!❤️


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