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Surrogacy in Ukraine Part 2
« Reply #150 on: 2/09/20, 03:41 »
Hi, ladies.
OMG, so bad news that Ukraine is closing its borders again... By the way, I am very sorry for bringing this up here, but I guess this kind of information might be useful for those of us considering surrogacy in Ukraine. A couple of close friends arrived from Kiev some weeks ago with their baby and we got really shocked to know that their Ukrainian surrogate mother was a heavy smoker and that was probably the reason the baby was born very premature and sick. They met their surrogate mother several times in Kiev and told us that she always had an unpleasant strong smell of cigarettes and alcohol. On top of that, they managed to find some pictures of her and, in most of them, she holds a cigarette and a glass of some drink. They have also checked when the pictures were taken and found that she was already pregnant with their baby in some of them. They told us that they went to their coordinator and reported the situation, but she did not give them the slightest attention. Instead, she hinted that they already had what they wanted and she could not talk with them anymore, as she was very busy with other couples. Before meeting their surrogate mother, my friend wanted another baby to complete her family but, after such a horrific experience at Biotexcom, she changed her mind. While in Ukraine, they met some other couples with their babies and it seems that this clinic is the cheapest one because its surrogate mothers are paid less, and the downside seems to be that they do not select candidates as well as they claim. So, I guess the lesson here would be go to a clinic that allows you to meet your surrogate mother, or at least skype with her, before starting the treatment and, according to my friend, "never, ever, go to this clinic of horrors called Biotexcom". Ah, their baby is currently under the care of several specialists at a very good hospital and we all hope she will not have major sequels. xxoo                               


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    Surrogacy in Ukraine Part 2
    « Reply #151 on: 29/09/20, 21:49 »
    thank you for sharing, I wish their baby will be healthy and strong.