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Hello.I am 29 years of old.Height 5'9".Weight 76kgs.Very less physically active.I also have indirect inguinal hernia in left side with mild reactive hydrosile.My food habits are not very good.I take salds,curds,chicken (Regular Basis) Basically I am very much prone to Junk foods.During the rest I used to smoke.I didn't smoke since 2months.I am married for one year.My wife had misscarriage in last November in first trimester.On that occasion I went to a Gyno she asked me to undergo a semen analysis.Here it is.I came up with the lab report.She seemed to be less concerned about my 'Teratozoospermia' report.She said as long as there is enough sperm production there is nothing to worry about.This may cause Beacause of Infections or some other causes.I want to know how to interpret this analysis and how to overcome Teratozoospermia

Period of Abstinence - 2Days

(Physical Characteristics)
Volume - 2.3ml
Colour - Grey Opalescent
Viscosity - Normal
pH - Normal

(Microscopic Characteristics)
Sperm Concentration - 61.0 mollion/ml
Total Motility - 68℅

Progressive - 46℅
Non-Progressive - 22%
Immotile - 32%

Normal - 2%
Pin Head - 3%
Head Defect - 52%
Neck Defect - 33%
Tail Defect - 6%
Cytoplasmic droplets - 4%
Pus Cells - 2-3 /hpf
RBC's -
Epithelial cells - 0-1 / hpf
Agglutination -

I'm very sorry for your loss.

My husband had very poor sperm - 100% abnormal forms I think if I recall correctly.

He improved his diet, took regular exercise and stopped alcohol. He also took vitamins and supplements and we saw a dramatic improvement in all areas.

Good luck xxx

Hi mate, take a look at my blog in the sig below. Loads of stuff on there which may help you. Key thing is basically anti-oxidants and healthy food / lifestyle.

Based on the reading i've done, i think there are two types of teratozoospermia - One is genetic (i.e. thats just the way your body makes sperm / varricole), the other is lifestyle (i.e. you dont take care of yourself and it shows in your sperm / possibly an infection).

Looking at your results i think yours is primarily lifestyle. I dont think you have anything to worry about, you're only 29, count looks good for 2 days abstinence, motility is good, 2% normal forms is classed as teratozoospermic but that still equates to about 3 million 'normal' sperm. 3 million is loads of good sperm mate.

You openly admit you eat junk food & dont exercise. I reckon you can easily improve these figures if you take care of yourself and have a healthy 3/4 month blast.

Good luck and hope it all works out for you both

Hi Teratoman,
I found your post & your blog very helpful...even though im not the original poster.
My husband also has low morphology at 3%.
His count is 28 million per ml (total count 95.2 million)
68% motility (50% fast progressive, 50% slow progressive)

I see your expecting now after ttc for some time, obviously the lifestyles changes made to possible to conceive, congratulations!

My husband has been on a regime if vitamins for the last 3 months and cut way back on alcohol, and eating healthier so we are hoping for improvements, the results above are from his 2nd SA which were improved from the first after 3 months vitamins, so we will test again in 2 or 3 months and hope there are further improvements.

Im doubtful we will be able to conceive with the numbers above, we have been ttc for about 15 mths. If you could give me your opinion on these numbers I really appreciate it!

This is my first post, I hope its ok to post here! 

Hi Sorcx,

Firstly thanks , one month to go! :) Also I'm gonna get around to putting a proper update on the blog soon, i just need to go docs and get a copy of the last results first.

Again, to me, the numbers look fine. 3% of 95 million is almost 3 million 'normal' shaped sperm, the motility is also strong, if you've had a look through some of the links on the blog you'll see things could be so much worse. You're actually in a pretty good position, NHS considers 3% to be acceptable (according to my results sheet anyway) and 15million/ml is the cut off for volume, so your hubby is actually double that. Healthy lifestyle, antioxidants & vitamins should (in theory) push the results even higher. I'd also recommend 'icing the balls', i was doing that for about an hour a day for the last month.

It took us over 2 years, i know couples that tried for 3 years but got there eventually, in the scheme of things you're just over a year in so if i were in your shoes i'd keep at it for at least another year (though depending on your age that might not be the best advice). I assume you're also doing things like mapping out your cycle and zeroing in on the best time to ttc, there're app's you can download which maps this out for you (we basically ended up pregnant when we ttc 3 times over the 5 'best' days).

Also its important to remember the tests are only indicative, they essentially look at a microscopic sample of 100 sperm and extrapolate the figures out. Its entirely possible hubby actually has millions more normal shaped sperm, they just werent scooped up for analysis :)

Dont get disheartened because it hasnt happened right away, keep at it and most importantly enjoy it (its pretty much the most fun two people can have together!)

Hope it all works out for you :)


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