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BFP Due date September / October 2018
« Reply #200 on: 7/04/18, 11:35 »
Hazy yes they are causing massive discomfort , my urine is pretty much pure blood but because they seemingly are not causing any long term damage they wonít touch. Itís sucky !

Iíve not moved from my bed from I come home except for to pee and it is soooo strong and Iím soooo lightheaded and not keeping anything down still ... feeling a little sorry for myself and really worried with how itís all going to effect pregnancy. Nightmare!

Broodychick, I recognise the name Iím sure we cycled together 2013/14 ... Iím so sorry to hear your news. Cuddle into your little boy extra tight !! Thinking of you !

See some of you are discussing names ... massive problem for us atm as we canít agree on ANYTHING lol hubby likes the name Betty for a girl and Iím just not feeling it 😑 I like Lyla and he says definitely not :/
I liked Jaxon for a boy but got told no to that too ! We will get there eventually !

Hope everyone else keeping well ! X


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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #201 on: 7/04/18, 18:50 »
    Happy Saturday everyone

    Broody I am so sorry.  Look after yourself  ^hugme^

    Loopy,  not good that you can't keep anything down.  Can the hospital or your gp offer any advice?  Must be a worrying time for you.  I hope you feel better soon.

    Expatmum and just when you thought you was over the sickness.  Hope it's just a one off!  James is a lovely classic name and I like Jamie for a boy or a girl!  Go with your heart.  Baby is going to have the name for the rest of their lives.

    MadameG so pleased your scan went well.  Fingers crossed for you blood results.  It took just over a week for mines come back.  Hopefully you'll have no more bleeding.  Should we be taking due dates as gospel?  My hospital said ivf babies were always 3/4 days ahead.  Baby will come when it's good and ready regardless off the due date.   ;)

    Neniel I hope you got lots of lovely clothes for your cruise.  How was Mothercare? 

    Hazy,  4 days until your scan now.  Hope the time passes quickly for you.  I have ordered some maternity work pants and jeans from George at asda.  I can pick them up tomorrow from my local store.

    Jessica congratulations on a girl.  Are you telling people or keeping it to yourselves?

    Claudia I have heard that you should sleep on your left hand side.  Normal position for me thankfully.  Have a Look at the link below.


    Sorry if I've missed anyone.

    Not much to report here.  Can't feel baby yet but getting bigger and work colleagues noticed the difference when I went back after being away for 2 weeks.  10 days until 20 week scan and dh wants to find out the sex.  I'm not too sure.  Have booked a 4d scan but haven't agreed a date.  Might wait a few weeks until baby fills out a bit so it doesn't look like a skeleton.  There is a chance we might go pram shopping tomorrow .  I've decided I want a travel system.

    What has everyone else bought up to now?

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #202 on: 7/04/18, 18:58 »
    Crikey, we've not mentioned baby names. DH wants to get to the scan next week before we even discuss if we'll find out the sex. I want to wait and see, but think he wants to find out.  ^closed^
    I think we're both still feeling too cautious to let our hopes get that far ahead just yet.  ???

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #203 on: 7/04/18, 22:26 »
    Hi Loopylulu888 yes that's me, I heard your fantastic news today via our other group, and I am very happy for you. I bet your boy is excited also, when did you tell him?
    Sorry to hear you're sick though, has the hospital advised you what to do? If you feel poorly you should definitely go back and get proper care, if you feel you're not coping at home. Better safe I say x

    Thanks Hazy, Madame G, Neniela and Tarapt, all the kind words do help and it's sinking in more so I cried today, but it means a lot people are thinking of us.xx

    I won't have any more treatment now as this was my last remaining embryo - I am a solo mum and had severe late-onset OHSS in 2013 followed by a missed miscarriage and ovarian torsion (worst pain ever!),  my donor was quite dishonest about his ability to co-parent, my ex who I met after the IVF left me when my DS was 3 months so I've really struggled.
    It is hard coping with one on my own and I had made plans how I'd cope with two, but it isn't a priority for me - and this miscarriage feels very different than the previous two, before I had my son.
    I've had my miracle baby and who knows, if I meet some lucky bloke in the future and I am meant to have more kids in my forties perhaps I will...x

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #204 on: 9/04/18, 08:55 »
    Good morning,

    MadameG - Great to hear your nuchal scan went great. :) booooo for the haematoma still being there.

    expatmum - I like the name James, but it doesn't really work in German. How about using it as a second name? Good that you're feeling better :)

    loopylulu - Oh no, that really does sound uncomfortable. Is there nothing else the doctors can do, other than surgery or just leaving you with pain killers? Hubby and I have a similar problem with the second set of names, we have 2, but we need another 2, as we don't want to find our the genders, and we don't agree on anything. I really love the name Lotta, but he doesn't like it at all, for a boy I like Henri, but again it's a no. I like the 2 names you suggested. I guess we still have tome to agree.

    tarapt - we don't want to find out the sex, so I can understand why you're not sure. I found a few nice things for the cruise, which should hopefully get me through the whole pregnancy without having to buy any more. We have only bought a babygrow (which we bought in Athens after having IVF there before we even knew if it had worked, but we thought it would be nice to have something from there for the baby), a travel cot and a little monkey soft toy (which my husband gave me for Valentines day before we had the Beta result saying that it was either baby's first toy or it would help me through the tough time if it didn't work...)
    Mothercare was good. We've decided on a pram now and Mothercare do 2 hour personal shopping, so we want to book an appointment for that when we have enough money to buy the pram. They said we could try and fit it in my car then just to make sure it really does fit. So I am looking forward to that.

    hazyshade - even though I am anxious DH and I have decided to enjoy every minute of the pregnancy and not always fear for the worst. It's not always easy, but I am glad we try. What will be will be, no matter how we approach it.

    AFM, not much going on at the moment. Counting the days until my scan on Thursday. Very excited, but also a bit anxious. Also looking forward to having a week off. My sister had her second baby yesterday, a girl. She already has a 16 months old (and she's only 24). But it's lovely, she's married, has a house and now the 2 kids they planned.

    I hope you're all well.

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #205 on: 9/04/18, 16:30 »
    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for having disappeared recently...have been super-busy at work (and even more so at home), plus have been unwell (some form of tummy bug) last week...nothing serious, just feeling miserable!

    BroodyChick: I am so so sorry to hear the news...I hope you will be able to take some time to look after yourself and give yourself the time and space to recover...  ^hugme^

    Neniel: there are a couple of social media groups for parents (to be) in my area where people sell used stuff: much cheaper than ebay or gumtree! Can't even remember how I found them (probably searching for mums/parents groups on social media) but they have been amazing...we've been spoiling our DS rotten since discovering them and hardly spent any money at all. We bought a Phil&Teds double buggy and isofix carseat last week (£130 total)...

    tarapt: I only started feeling my first when I was around 22 weeks, and even then it was hit or miss for the first week or two. First real kick (felt from the outside) was around 24 weeks. That said...I know what you mean by looking forward to feeling the baby move...I only feel Poppy once every 4-5 days and get so very anxious the rest of the time!

    Claudia: I hope your sickness got better! I've also started with nausea once again, but hope (?) it's a residual of the bug...

    AFM, was so anxious about not feeling Poppy that I gave up and bought a foetal doppler over the weekend (second hand, £8). Got her heartbeat yesterday (hubby was there too so he could hear her!) so feel a lot better :)

    Apologies to everyone I have missed!

    Who we are - List updated as of 9th April
    NameEDDTeamLocation location
    tarapt4th SeptemberTBCSouth Manchester
    ClaudiaH5th SeptemberGreenLondon
    Luna18th SeptemberPINKLondon-ish (North)
    JessicaJones5th OctoberPINKSouth West
    Rosy6789th OctoberGreenn/a
    Expatmum10th OctoberTBCStrasbourg
    Sunnygirl13th OctoberTBC - Guess: boyLondon
    MadameG13th OctoberGreen - Guess: girlSouth West
    hazyshade19th OctoberGreenSouth London
    Neniel26th OctoberGreen x 2West Midlands
    loopylulu88831st OctoberGreenn/a
    mejulie5th NovemberGreenn/a

    *will try to update on as regular a basis as I can!

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #206 on: 9/04/18, 18:54 »
    Thanks for the update Luna! Interesting that there are so many more October babies than September babies.... wonder why....

    Thanks for the info about the sleeping position. I'm going to try and sleep on my left side more. I am making DH swap places in the bed with me so that will make it easier....

    Lunawop - like tarapt I'm also stressing about movement - so thanks for the reassurance! I've thought about buying a doppler, but i think I'd just get obsessed with it so better let be...

    expatmum - how is the sickness now? i also like the name James, a real classic.

    Loppylou - wow you poor thing. Is there really nothing the doctors can do? Surely they can't just leave you like that for 6 months?!

    Neniel - congrats on your new niece! So sweet. have you had a cuddle yet? And best of luck for Thursday! I'm sure it will be a happy day.

    Broodychick - I'm so sorry to read your post. You sound very stoic but it must be hard. I'm so glad you have your wonderful son, and as you say who knows what the future holds.

    Madame G - congrats on a great scan! Always such a relief. At 12 weeks i measured 3 days ahead too but they also didn't want to change my due date due to the IVF. seems like different places have different policies on this.

    Hazyshade  - best of luck with your scan - is it on Wednesday?

    AFM - we have been discussing baby names for years - but still haven't agreed. We have a few names in the running but I don't think we'll actually decide until the baby gets her. No more vomiting thank god! Think that was just a bizarre one off.... I am beginning to feel little pops or taps - but they seem to be in a really strange place - quite low down on my right side. Wouldn't I be feeling it more in the middle if it was the baby? I'm inclined to think it's just some kind of muscle twitching which is really annoying. Come on baby - give me a big kick in the belly button so I know you are there!!!


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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #207 on: 9/04/18, 21:36 »
    Claudia how lovely that you are starting to feel something and I'm so pleased the vomiting seems to have stopped.

    Luna I've been thinking about getting a Doppler but I'm worried it will make me worry more.  Was it easy to find the heartbeat?  Thank you for keeping is all up to date with team and due date!

    Neniel I hope all goes well on Thursday.  As you're having twins your due date will come forward.  I think if you get to 36 weeks to good.  A productive trip to Mothercare.  Was this an out of town one?  The one near me is right the middle a a shopping centre so it wouldn't begat easy to get a pram to the car to try it out for size.

    Hope everyone else is doing well

    Afm picked up some maternity clothes today.  The jeans from next are low waist and I'll spend all day pulling them up so they are going back.  The jeans from George are amazing.  So comfortable and a great fit.  Even better they were a bargain!!!!

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #208 on: 10/04/18, 08:48 »
    Claudia: not sure you'd be feeling baby more towards the middle...I think there is less room on the sides so it's more likely that it will "hit" something and allow you to feel it. And it will take a while for it to reach the belly button! Baby is still quite low down, so pretty sure that's movement you are feeling!

    tarapt: hurray for bargain comfy jeans! Never tried the George ones but might give it a try...up to now went for some H&M jeans and a New Look dress, but really need to go for some more shopping =/

    Re Doppler: I managed without for my DS, so not sure why this time I freaked out...maybe because with him we had our harmony test (and scan) done at 17 weeks which broke the wait between the 12 and 20 weeks scan? Had I managed to get to 20 weeks or so I would have probably hung on waiting for consistent movement), but just couldn't relax (especially having been unwell last week). Took me some 5-10 minutes to find the heartbeat, but it was the first time in my life and had no idea where to find baby (cue, very low down...just above the pelvis!)...I was scared not to find it (that would have made me freak out) but thanks god it worked :)

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    BFP Due date September / October 2018
    « Reply #209 on: 10/04/18, 10:55 »
    Broodychick - thinking of you.  I lost my second child late on in pregnancy and whilst on a practical level I had always wondered how I would cope with a small age gap (and a worse than useless partner at the time), it still hurt so badly on an emotional level.  Let yourself grieve too because I didn't and it really came back and bit me on the ^Booty^ later down the line.

    Luna - thanks for the updates!

    Tarapt - I love my George jeans too!  I am actually huge for 14 weeks so am glad I bought stuff early on.  No stomach muscles from previous pregnancies I think :-)   My gyno told me I should only put on 1kg per month.  That seems ridiculously low!

    Claudia - I actually turned down the opportunity for treatment in November/December because of Christmas family obligations so we held off until we were freer in January, so maybe that's why there's less births due for September?  Little pops definitely sounds like baby movements!

    Neniel - not long until your scan now and a bit of reassurance.

    Hope all you others are ticking along nicely at the moment.

    AFM, I was sick again this morning.  It's so odd.  In the first trimester, I was feeling nauseous morning to night and yet was rarely physically sick apart from weeks 7-9 where I couldn't keep anything down.  Yet now I feel good pretty much most of the time and am eating fairly normally, but have proper morning sickness which comes on all of a sudden - usually a whiff of coffee or food smells or too much heat in the bathroom.  And once it's up and out, I feel fine again for the rest of the day.  I suppose I might keep the weight gain down this way :-)  I have also taken to being awake from 3.30am to 5am which is damn annoying when the alarm goes off to get up at 6.45am so am feeling pretty exhausted.  All good preparation for baby's arrival!