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Closing the door....


Hi Ladies......been 3.5yr since I was last on FF!  We are blessed we a miracle daughter. We fought long and hard for her. My entire 30's was all about IVF.  I am so grateful she was the final end result. She is gorgeous perfect and all mine! Gosh it sometimes felt it would never happen and I would never get to say that! 

 But NOW I am sad she won't have a sibling. I so so wish I had the courage to fight once more but we had so many BFN the whole process nearly broke me.  I was anxious worried angry sad disappoint for so long over those 11years of TTC......i do NOT want to feel those feelings again. I want to celebrate and laugh and enjoy my little girl. Urgh but this nagging feeling for a sibling is driving me nuts.  But its not going to more IVF and that miracle natural BFP is....well.....ha....elusive and maybe I need to just go on the pill so I stop that tiny little spark of hope every month!!!! I am almost 43 so I figure if it didn't happen at 28 it ain't gonna happen at 43!!!! Right. It's just seeing all my friends now having siblings.......maybe I need to start hunting out some 1 child families so I don't feel like such an odd one out!  I hope my little girl doesn't begrudge me when she older......for at least not trying.  I hope she understands!

FF was my lifeline while going through IVF and now I am reaching for that lifeline help me move on.....with joy and peace in my heart!

Daisydee your miracle is just a year older than ours and we have reluctantly made the same decision. We had years of failures and then a very scary prem birth and just can't go through that again, it still makes me sad and sometimes I regret destroying our remaining embryos. But we spent years fostering children before we finally had our daughter and we have carried on since, it's not the same but she has playmates and gets so much from it. There's the big downside of grief when they leave and we are just about to face the first one that she'll really be aware of but it's still worth it. I hope you can find peace with your decision it makes you very wistful doesn't it xx

just follow your heart. Btw myself I know a few ladies who conceived naturally after failed IVF-s.


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