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Pincushion princesses. Multiple BFNs and implantation failure support thread #2

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Set up this new thread for you as the first one has gotten very long.

Happy chatting

K jade:
 new  thread how exciting!  :)

Oh bippy thatís not on! Your own sister too!   >:( 

Carrie im sending you lots of positivity for tomorrow, even if you dont have hope after all  the setbacks youíve had.
I do! think of that beautiful new  lining all ready and waiting to embrace those embies ..

This is going to be the last cycle I have with expensive vitamins. only last month I spent £60 odd on them. I've just gone and done the same now as last night they had all run out. this is such a waste of money! they don't do a dam thing

New thread! I think it's a lucky thread  ;) xxx

Carrie hope everything goes smoothly for transfer tomorrow. How are you feeling? It's always a nervous wait until the little embie is actually onboard. Are you transferring one or two? Good luck hun!  ^hugme^ xxx

kjade I agree, I think most of the expensive vitamins are pointless unless you actually have a deficiency of something. But if it makes you feel better then take them, £60 is just a drop in the ever-deepening fertility expenses ocean after all! I think all this fertility treatment has altered my perspective on money, I would have never thought I would spend such vast amounts!

Oooh new thread 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Good luck for your transfer Carrie, sending you massive good luck bear hugs

Hi ya everyone else!

Love Apples x

Hey ladies

Hope you all keeping warm

Best of luck for the transfer tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed


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