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Can't stop thinking about ttc no 2


Dd came along after 11 rounds of fertility treatment, so many surgeries, drugs, miscarriages and years of torture and  heartbreak and not forgetting the 50k bill so I've always said there's no way I'm going there again. However I can't stop thinking of how I'd love her to have a sibling. I'm 46 now and have health issues so I really don't think it's advisable to do more treatment.  If I'm honest it would be totally for her sake.  Did anyone else go through similar and make peace with your lo not having a sibling? 

Hi teacups

I am also in the same dilema, its almost as if I am addicted to IVF, my head says stop whilst you have your sanity and health back but my heart says try one last time to have a sibling, I am 42 and feel like I may be too old now, the thought of going through the newborn stage again worries me a lot, I know my other half thinks we are too old but I just feel sad for my little girl, i don't want her to be alone. 4-5 months ago I was absolutely sure I wanted another one now I'm not sure at all.

I think its extremely hard to walk away when you have had to fight so hard to have a child, I feel guilty about either decision and am no closer to my final decision, I think you have to go with whatever decision you will regret the least, if you can afford another go then maybe just give it a go so you know for sure.

Wishing you all the best

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