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Hi there everybody,

We have been undergoing fertility investigations since September last year, however previous to that I had 2 polyps removed in May. The only thing that has come back from the tests is that my other half has <1% morphology, the doctor didn't to seem that worried. We then got referred to our local hospital to discuss our options. I assumed this would be another appointment to discuss further tests however, much to the surprise of my other half and I the fertility nurse said that she would be referring us on for IVF (she did make more of a thing of the morphology issue). At first this came as a bit of a shock and took a while for us to get our heads around. As advised I then went and booked an HSG (everything normal) and blood tests to check my Rubella immunity- which subsequently resulted in me requiring the vaccine.

Our first appointment at the hospital is tomorrow. We have been referred to Salisbury Fertility. The letter states that this is a funding check with the nurse but they have also mentioned blood tests. I just wondered what people's experiences have been when they have been to this appointment and what sort of timescales are we going to be looking at moving forward. I feel that we have been on this journey for a long time. It will totally be worth it but right now I need to get an idea of timings in my head.

Has anyone else had any experiences with this clinic and when did you start treatment after the funding appointment?

Thank you so much xx


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    Funding appointment - feeling overwhelmed!
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    Hi hilly have you posted in the south region board?  You might get a better response from personal experiences of the clinic you have been referred to.

    Good luck!