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Hello all, Iíve been away from here for quite sometime, but would really appreciate some help / advise x (apologies if this isnít in the right thread, struggled to work out where was appropriate, as not officially Ďstarting outí...but Ďover 40 and not really got anywhereí).
So Iím on day 34 of my cycle (itís normally 26, 27, 28, 29 days, so varies)...however itís never this long (unless Iíve finished some treatment, which Iíve not had for nearly a year). The chances of me being pregnant are slim to none.

My periods have also become very short, 1-2days, not a lot of bleeding. My doctor has suggested getting blood tests...day 7 if my period starts or whenever if it doesnít. Does that sound right? Also, if it doesnít start, should I wait to see if it comes back at all and have test done for the next cycle?! Iíve never missed a period so just really want to make sure I get blood tests on the right day...thereís been a history in past treatments where I feel Iíve always not quite been tested correctly (esp by my local docs).

These tests are also very important to me as I know the outcome will confirm egg donation or adoption are the only options for us now.

Thank you for listening and hope someone can give me some advise / point me in the right direction  xx


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    Blood tests if not ovulating: when to go?! Help
    « Reply #1 on: 11/03/18, 21:01 »
    It is usually day 3 that bloods are done . Especially FSH and oestrogen are the important ones then as they should be low..
    It is very common to have an occasional longer cycle. If over 60 days that usually means less than a year left before menopause.
    You also need to get AMH tested but your gp won't be able to do that - you will need to organise that privately. Often clinic s bundle it together with an antral follicle count as a female fertility screening or some such.
    FSH on its own is not a good measure in everyone. For example my day 3 FSH was 6.4 ( under 10 is considered good)  under a year ago, while my AMH was 0.9 which is very low 10 years ago showing poor ovarian reserve.
    Good luck.