* Author Topic: Collecting frozen embryos after successful pregnancy & birth (timelines)  (Read 752 times)

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For those who have had a successful IVF treatment and had your baby when did you return for your frozen embryo(s)? Or you might already know the answer to this questing having discussed with your clinic.

What is the minimum timeline? When baby is 4, 5, 6 months? could you return? Include if you are breast feeding as I think this can extend the time.

I am anxious to collect final frosty due to age (42 now) and I am wondering if 6 months pp is reasonable or allowed.

I do understand having two so young would be difficult but don't have the luxury of waiting.


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    Our clinic wanted to check I had finished breastfeeding. Our first go was 18 m pp but I think it's up to you.

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    It depends on what sort of delivery you had too. If a c section they recommend at least 12 months between pregnancies. And if bf clinics usually want you to have finished 3 months before tho if extended bf and prolactin levels normal ( 2 years plus) unlikely to be an issue.
    Good luck