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Hello. I have been reading all the posts and I really do not know where to start from and what to do..
We had a miscarriage a couple of years ago and have been struggling with infertility since. As we were about to start treatment at Embryolab in Greece and started prepping, he told me that he cannot take it any longer and that he wants to stop all discussions and planning.
I am devastated. I want a baby so bad, but he does not want to hear about it. We've been sweethearts since high school and we have always wanted to have a big family.
I so do not know what to deal with first. My dreams, my lost baby, prepping for the upcoming treatment and now loosing my husband...
Is there something that I could say to make him wanna try again... Anybody been here? :( :'(


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    Id go with what you want to do. Doing what others want and not following your dreams will probably lead to resentment in the future

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    Hi.  I don't come on here very often but spotted your post and wanted to reply.
    I was where you are a few years ago and really couldn't see a way through.  We went to see a fertility counsellor who helped us to agree what to do without it turning into an argument and to listen to how each other felt. I sometimes wonder if we would still be together if we hadn't done that.  You do need to find a specialised counsellor though, we tried one who really didn't help at all before we found a good one.
    It's such a tough decision and I really hope you are able to find a way to work it out together.   
    Has he explained what has changed for him and why he doesn't want to do it anymore? Maybe a break would be good for you both.
    Good luck x

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    I completely agree with Spanglyboo