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Hi - I have a question about how to find out what names are put on a birth certificate.  In short my cousin was married in a same sex relationship.  Her wife got pregnant through having a sexual relationship with a man unbeknown to my cousin.  The marriage broke up - to be clear my cousin did not have any knowledge that this sexual relationship was occurring and did not "agree" to the conception attempts.  She is now pursuing a divorce.  Her ex-wife has indicated she intends to put my cousin's name on the birth certificate - legally they are still married but only just!  Her ex-wife has refused to acknowledge the divorce proceedings to date.   So, our question is, can my cousin find out / check whether her name has been added to the birth certificate without her consent  - and if so how can she go about getting it removed as she is not part of this parenting arrangement at all.
Sorry, a bit convoluted but we are concerned.....


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