* Author Topic: Researching IVF with donor eggs - recommended clinics in Europe  (Read 2020 times)

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IVF clinics in Czech and Poland have almost similar prices. The clinic where I underwent IVF offers two options: IVF DE (the clinic does not provide meds) and IVF all Inclusive that means unlimited meds is included in the package. If you might want to know more. you will find prices on their website. x


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    Vistahermosa in Spain specialise in donor egg. Itís about Ä7000 no meds included but they use a UK pharmacy to dispense 

    Takes about 6-8 weeks once you start your protocol. The wait is short about a month and youíre involved with choosing your donor. And they try to match you physically.

    Take the pill from day 1 of cycle
    Injection on day 16 of cycle by any nurse or your GP in the bottom
    Day 21 bleed start estrogen
    Scan day 10-13
    Take progesterone
    Transfer day 19-28
    Continue with meds

    Itís far simpler than own egg

    Best of luck

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    Thanks so much am currently looking at clinics in Belgium as I live in the Netherlands

    Hello OP Jelka, I'm hoping you can update us.  I wish too that you already have your little bub like I do.

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    Hello beautiful people!

    I'm 44, had three unsuccessful pregnancies (one fetal loss and two miscarriages), having gone through two IVF cycles with my own eggs at 43 and 44, and one with donor eggs at 44.

    IVF with donor eggs has a higher success rate at my age, but has about 60% (best case scenario) success rate (depending how you measure success). However, at my age, it has a much better chance than IVF with my own eggs of having a baby without a chromosome anomaly. PGS data shows that most of embryos produced by women in their 40ies have an abnormal chromosome complement (around 80-90%).

    Now, what I can tell is that I was not impressed with any of the fertility clinics I visited in England (The first two cycles were in England), and most I contacted in Spain. Finally I went to the clinic Gravida, in Barcelona, and the experience was better. I still feel that, no matter where you go, fertility clinics operate a little like factories; and their main motivation is money making.

    I did like when the doctor at Gravida said how much she enjoyed helping couples having babies, and how well matched their egg donors usually were. I could really see that she loved her job, and this is very important. This contrasted with with other clinics in Barcelona, where the doctors I spoke to sounded a little bored (unsure if this was because their english language skills were not great). Besides, the cycle I did in Gravida, was very good, and I ended up with 7 good quality balsocysts, out of 8 fertilised eggs!

    I'd recommend anyone going through fertility treatments to seek the help of an independent psychologist, or counsellor, because the journey through fertility clinics is not the easiest. My experience in Barcelona was better than here in the UK. But the distance and travelling can be an issue, and you are a left a little bit on your own to do the preparation and obtain the medication...!

    Best of lucks to all! xxx