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DH has low sperm count - can we conceive naturally?

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We have been ttc for a year and I have had a hycosy which said everything was fine but progesterone a little low. Dh has low sperm count at 5 mil and varicoceles. Long wait for urology apt. I have been put on clomid but have read so many stories saying it's pointless if you are ovulating and dh has low sperm count. Everyone around me either has a baby or is pregnant I swear! Insanely nice doctor but I am not sure what the point is of clomid for someone ovulating already. Would love a success story from anyone in similar position without use of IVF? Thanks x

hi emioo

unfortunately i don't have any success stories but i'm in the same boat as you, i've just started my 1st round of clomid ( i ovulate fine on my own also), partners sperm count is 9million, surely there must be a little hope for us if the docs have prescribed clomid, wishing you luck x

Thank you Misty. Fingers crossed. No AF yet but had symptoms.

Now on second month and currently in the middle of cycle somewhere. Anyone out there with any success stories?

Hi, just wanted to add that although we did have ivf to conceive our daughter, we had a little miracle bfp while waiting to start a frozen cycle. As per my signature, my husbands sperm count had been severely affected by a mumps infection when he was younger. The count, motility and morphology were all well below normal...cant quite remember exact numbers but the count was no more than 5 million. As far as figures go, we were told it would be highly unlikely wed ever conceive naturally. So yes, it can happen even though I never ever thought it would for us  :) Good luck xx


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