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Hi guys, I am currently living in London with my wife and we have been trying to have a baby for quite some time now. As we are both new in London we really donít know how it works here.
Do we have to go to NHS or do we need to go private if we want to have a fertility check?

If you go to your GP they can arrange initial blood tests and make a referral for a semen analysis. The semen analysis was the bit that held things up for us but I canít remember how long. Your wife will need blood tests as the beginning of her cycle and on day 21 to see if she has ovulated.
You can get this done privately and itís much quicker - but costs!

Thank you MargotW. I found a clinic near my work, City Walk in Clinic in Bury Street in London that they do fertility screenings. Any advice?

I would recommend your GP in the first instance to get as many tests done as you can; itís also worth contacting your CCG directly (via email) to check exactly what NHS funding covers for infertility xxx


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