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Royal jelly
« on: 9/05/18, 07:22 »
Hi Ladies,

My first cycle last month at CRGH went ok ish with 4 eggs collected, 3 mature and 1 frozen. We're yet to transfer as we're batching. 2nd cycle has been cancelled due to poor response to stimms- I was on highest dose including growth hormones. Any after we were told to cancel and convert to natural but continue with fostimon only, I had another follicle which was a 9mm grow to 13 in 3 days. I've been told I'm a poor responder, I was put on DHEA for 2nd cycle hence believe it adversely affected the egg quality. For prep for next cycle and to try naturally I'm going to start royal jelly but need advice on brand and whether capsules or runny stuff is best.


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