* Author Topic: Spain- Instituto Bernabaeu part 7  (Read 46442 times)

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Spain- Instituto Bernabaeu part 7
« Reply #660 on: 23/10/20, 14:53 »
Love_lucy - I hope the hormone changes settle soon. Its difficult to not think over everything again and again and wonder about things.

If you could you should try to do something nice for yourself like a massage or facial or your nails etc anything that helps you relax



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    Spain- Instituto Bernabaeu part 7
    « Reply #661 on: Today at 13:56 »
    Hi girls, sorry I've been absent for so long.  I've been working a lot and also just taking time to process the fact that 4 high grade blasts failed.

    Bailey, I'm sooo pleased that its all go for you in November and I will keep everything crossed for you. My cockapoo, Winston, is even crossing his little paws for you.

    Shoegals, I'm just sooo pleased that the scan went well. It must have been such a worrying time for you, but the little bean is holding on well. I'm glad they are being so vidulent with regular scans to keep an eye on things. Just keep taking care of yourself and stay positive chica.

    Love_Lucy, you have just had the cruellest journey this time around but you will defo have the best distraction with Xmas coming up and an excited wee one. January will be here in no time so spend the next few months building up your strength for the next transfer.

    We were told that the blasts were graded AA, AA, AB and AC. So varying grades of high quality blasts. They said to us not to focus on the gradings because they were pretty meaningless when all the blasts were high quality.

    They advised testing the eggs with PGA testing for us on this new cycle because they just can't see any explanation for the failure of those 4 transfers.  They explained that the fault lies with one of 3 things; uterus, sperm or eggs. And since all the tests on the first 2 were normal, they are thinking that the problem was the eggs in the first instance. So this time they will be PGA tested, so that the eggs can be ruled in, or out, as the problem.  Remember that they said 80% of people have achieved success by the time they had had as many transfers as us, so they are testing everything that can be tested to tey to find the problem.

    The second donor is on the drugs now so we are hopefully aiming for another cycle at end nov/start dec, but it all depends on the dates of my cycle.  Unfortunately the winter flight schedule is even harder this time around, so we actually can't fly to alicante from any of the Scottish airports.  So the only option is to have an overnight stay at Heathrow and fly out to alicante the following morning. Its an extra layer of expense, but on a positive note, at least its still possible to get there.

    I'm not holding out huge hopes because its the first cycle with a new donor. For some reason, in my head, I dont think the first transfer will work. But I have no logic for that at all. Just trying to stay positive.

    Again, sorry for how long its been since I've been on here girls.  Big Halloween hugs xx