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Statutory Adoption Leave Pay Job Redundancy


Hi guys not sure if anybody can help me here but worth an ask.

I do two part time jobs, have been in continuous employment with both long enough to qualify for statutory adoption leave pay from both so know I would have 90%  weekly earnings for the first 6 weeks which will then drop to the one stat leave payment of 145.18 for the next 33 weeks.

One of my jobs is for a small charity, we've just found out that we've not got funding so sadly this will come to an end shortly. 

I've now had a possible link identified. There's no way everything can be done so child is placed with me before my job comes to an end but just wondered if I've been approved  at matching panel/had matching certificate before my official end date would I still have any protection or would the child need to actually be placed with me before my job ends?? Or, even, have I already lost any protection as have already been officially notified of redundancy date?

Bit of a quagmire I know just wondering if anybody would know anything? Or know where I could go to find out? Historically have not found CAB, HMRC or DWP to be at all helpful. Thanks in advance MM


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