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hysterectomy or not???
« on: 19/06/18, 09:57 »
 :-\ hi ladies any advice or past experiences are welcome to help me in this decision. bit of back ground, i had my son 11 years ago and since then been in and out of hospital. took 10 years for them to diagnose endometriosis and blood cysts. i also has scarring and organs stuck together. I've been treated badly for the past 10 years and finally I've had enough. I'm on high doses of morphine for pain daily. i still have flare ups. i suffer from endometriosis , ibs, depression, diverticulitis, anxiety, pcos . i had conservative surgery last September. three months on i started in pain again. went to my specialist and they asked what i wanted. i said take it all. i have tried the injections to induce menopause, (still in pain) they've asked me to go on contraception but i dont wan to lose that Small bit of hope i have of getting pregnant. my husband has been told his sperm needs freezing asap because its not working properly in case we have ivf. i cannot afford ivf and we cannot have it on the nhs. (I'm from Yorkshire). I'm struggling because i want a baby with my husband, my son is not his. i was told my son is a miracle, i cannot face losing that bit of hope but i cannot live like this anymore. I'm stuck. I'm back to specialist on the 5Th of July to either confirm or refuse the operation. I'm 31. oh god, I'm struggling, I'm an emotional mess, I've had so much conflicting information. had an MRI in February, still no results until July. the problem is something couldve grown in the meantime and they wont know. its all so frustrating. the hysterectomy will be a full one, and even though i face weeks of physical recovery its the mental recovery that will be the hardest. i want to go back to work, i want to have some semblance of a normal life. i dont think any answer is the right one. how do you get over not being ab;e to have a baby, when its the most natural thing in the world. i think I'm more upset because its a choice that was taken away from me. its not my choice, i dont feel like a woman and will feel even less of one if i have this operation. god help me. ^pray^ ^pray^


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