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Hi all

I'm starting our IVF journey next week, travelling from South Wales to London with CRGH and I've had the screening tests done at my local GP. They've printed out the results without letterheaded paper and I certainly don't have the proof of accreditation they need as per HFEA guidelines. Anyone know how I can get these sharpish? The receptionist said it takes three weeks to even type it onto letterhead!!

We're having to self fund PGD IVF and trying to save a few pounds doing it this way as advised by the nurse at the clinic.

Uh, I'm doing this with CRGH and even getting to speak to someone there is impossible!! It takes days to even make an appointment!

Thanks for any advice.


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    Getting proof of accreditation for screening tests
    « Reply #1 on: 25/06/18, 19:12 »
    I had to provide the same info for my last transfer at CRGH. I think I printed the results off from my online gp records and they weren't on headed paper but they did say the name of the lab who did the tests.  I then went on the accreditation website and searched their data base to get the registration number, printed that off and the nurse was happy to accept both of those!