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Trying to conceive naturally between failed IVFs

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Hi ladies

As you can see from my profile below I have had my fair share of pain.

We have serious MFI factor but have managed to conceive naturally twice - and miscarried.

After the 4th failed IVF we decided to give it another go naturally and would like to track the next few months along with other ladies who have made a similar decision

So, third month of trying, ovulating tomorrow and  bedding every day to give it the best chance.

Anyone else on the same boat?

Don't know if I can be considered in the same boat but after 4 IVFs I am taking a break and trying home insemination. I guess that can still be count as "natural trying" since the only difference is how the sperm gets in. I am not 100% sure why the IVF failed for me tbh, I have one partial blocked tube but nothing else too solid and I always had good blasts transfered. Will try and see.
Since you've conceived natural already I think you probably have a good chance of it happening again.

Hi Aley

Definitely considered naturally trying with home insemination.

How does home insemination work by the way?

I mean how do you track ovulation and what is the equipment that you use

So far Iíve used ovulation sticks, the really cheap ones and just the ordinary syringe. Legs up and stay in bed for as long as possible. We did do it late at night so basically didnít get up until morning.

Weíve only tried this month and I am not sure I caught the actual lh surge but I did it when the tests where nearly as dark as control line.
Looking into buying the digital one from clearblue, not the smiley face ones but the big thing that tests for lh and oestrogen if I am correct.


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