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I am trying to get info about the role of diary in infertility. Some studies say that full fat diary will be the best while in other areas diary is seen as bad because it can cause increased inflammation.
I wasn't drinking plain milk before anyway as I don't think that is a good option but I was having yogurt, cheese. In the last weeks I decided to take that out of my diet as well and see what happens.

Just curious to hear other peopls experience/opinion on dairy. Thanks!

Hello Aley
I think it depends if you have any issues or signs of inflammation / intolerance.
My UK IVF clinic advised us to drink 2pints of milk a day during our cycle! I found this a lot. I think the theory is that complete protein (found in milk) helps egg development. I ended up really sick though and have been left with a real intolerance to dairy now. I think I always had a slight intolerance and 2 cycles really pushing dairy just solidified this issue. When I asked the clinic why they put this on their instructions and could I stop as I thought it was making me ill they just told me it was old advice and they keep meaning to take it off the sheet!

For this cycle I cut out dairy a month or so before starting but mostly because it was notably making me ill and I was having lots of inflammation signs as well itchy skin, headaches and ibs. I have felt a lot better without it but as Iím in 2ww donít know if it made a difference.

I would suggest avoiding if you have inflammation issues but otherwise diary is a really good source of nutrients and propten. Sorry for not giving a definitive answer.
Good luck xxx

Makingapoppysead, thank you for your answer.

I had a lot of milk on my second IVF trying to get my follies to grow and the result was an awful gastritis. I do suffer with migraines, I tend to bloat a lot but I am not sure if it's diary for sure. It could be something else that I didn't discover yet.
I am trying this complete dairy free and see if I see a difference.
I have implantation failure and I am looking into everything, supplements.

Good luck. Yeah maybe just try cutting it out and then reintroduceing and see how you feel.

My acupuncturist who specialises in Chinese medicine says dairy is a no no as itís a damp food in chinese medicine and this is not good for fertility - Iíve always followed this advice and all other chinese medicine priniciples  and my consultant said my last cycle was the most successful she had ever seen in her career xxxx


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