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Search function doesnít work and mobile wonít display anymore

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Really sorry not sure where to post this.
The search function on the site hasnít worked for a week or so now and at the same time the mobile view disappeared and I now only get the full site on my phone which is a little unwieldy.
Many thoughts?
Many thanks

I believe the site owners are working on it but will chase them up and ask them to respond :)

Thanks for highlighting it xxx

Many thanks

I told them about this last week and they said that they would tell the tech people

I also have a problem with messages as it saying I have a message but there isnít me there!

Does anyone know who I contact about this? As I canít find a thread to put it in

If you click the Home button (top left) then the Contact button appears on the top right of the home page. This sends an email to the Tech team.



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