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A little introduction to us. I am 32 years old. I come from a big Irish family. I am one of 7. I have always wanted kids. My partner is 41 and an only child. We have been together for 8 years...maybe 9 years. I have lost count :/

My partner and I discussed many options of how we would have a family. We spoke about fostering/ adoption/ fertility treatment. Two years ago, we decided that we would go down the fostering route initially. We were messed around by our allocated social worker that we ended up withdrawing our application 6 months in.
My partner and I decided that we would go through IUI and foster/adopt at a later stage, through a different council. I am very much a “need to do some self research”, type of person, whereas, my partner is a register and “ask professionals questions” type of person. I looked into having fertility treatment under the NHS, however, in our area, we need to have tried and failed 6 times to get pregnant ourselves (according to them, it is the equivalent of heterosexuals trying for 2 years), before we could have it on the NHS. 
Before we registered with a private clinic, we attended a fertility talk in Bassingstoke. We decided to go with this clinic after research. Registering was easy, we had emailed the clinic and the lovely fertility co-ordinator got back to us the following day with options that may suit us. That day I rang her, and we went through the usual process and she said from all the information I am giving her, that she feels I should go through “the rapid fertility treatment”. This included AMH bloods, HyCoSy and consultation. They posted us a welcome pack. In the welcome pack, they had a list of tests that are recommended/essential pre IUI. I organised my TSH levels, immunity to rubella and chlamydia to be done in the GP. I had my bloods done in the GP and was given a sample pot to urinate into and to bring it back when done. The following day, I was going to provide a sample and bring it in, when I noticed the sample pot had expired! I rang the surgery and they apologised and I went to collect a new sample pot, but at this stage it was too late to hand in as it was Friday and they were not delivering samples until Monday. On the Monday, I handed in my sample and had to explain to the reception that the nurse did not provide me with a form but I had all my details written out for them. A week and a half later I rang for my results, only to be told that they were not on system (they had gone missing). My HyCoSy is in two weeks and I need to prove a negative chlamydia beforehand. I rang around STI clinics but they were all booked up. I decided to ease the stress and as the fertility clinic to carry out the test and to bill me. Note to self – check expiry dates before leaving GP surgery and this may not happen again!

I went to the fertility clinic for the first time last week. I went on my own as it was only for bloods. I got quite emotional for some couples as I could them talking to the nurses “hopefully this is the one”. In all honesty, I have been emotional for months now. Seeing pregnant ladies at work, finding out my cousin that wasn’t planning a baby has just fallen pregnant, one of the girls at work is heavily pregnant and is always saying “you don’t understand because you have never been pregnant”. As I have longed for a baby for years, now that all this is soon becoming reality, I think that is why I am emotional, god help me when I start with treatment!


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    1st IUI, lesbian couple
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    I have now had my HyCoSy, that was an experience! I was told to arrive with a full bladder. The nurse called me and myself and partner followed her to the procedure room. The sonagrapher went over the reason for the procedure, the small risk of infection and got me to sign the consent. I had already been told to take painkillers 30mins before HyCoSy. I took ibruphen 30mins beforehand and took paracetamol as I got to clinic.

    I was led to a tiny changing room to take my bottom half off and had a towel to wrap around my waist. I then made my way out to the chair and put my legs up on the stirups. The sonagrapher said if anytime I need to stop just let her know, she then inserted the probe to scan me. This was odd but not uncomfortable. She talked me through all she could see. After the scan, she said she will be inserting the speculum. This was the moment I wasn't looking forward to. I found it more than "uncomfortable". After she inserted it, she inserted the catheter. This felt like it scraped up to my cervix. I had tears streaming down my face. My partner tried to comfort me but I do not cry infront of people and tried to fight back tears. The nurse came over and held my hand *nurses are angels*. She really helped me. It is important to mention that I find things "in me" painful so please don't let this experience put you off. After it was all inserted she injected the contrast. This didn't cause the "cramps" as most people report.The sonographer was able to locate my right fallopian tube with no issues but initially could not find my left. She had to call the consultant in. Luckily, she then found it. After the HyCoSy, I got dressed and then I had the consultation with the consultant.

    The consultant went over my paperwork and made sure it was all signed and completed; healthcare questionnaire, consent to disclosing identifying information, welfare of the child forms, declaration we would not enter a zika infected area. I had made copies of my recent blood/test results; TSH, immunity to rubella, cervical screen for the clinic.

    During the consult, we discussed;
    ~what option I wanted, which is IUI. She informed me of the IUI protocol
    ~she spoke about donor sperm. The clinic has a sperm bank on site and they can use sperm from abroad but currently Heathrow are stopping imports making delivery difficult
    ~we were shown the estimated costing
    ~I had made a list of questions I wanted to ask and I went through each of them

    I wanted to start treatment ASAP. She said we just need our infection screening, pick donor sperm and then organise the consent appointment and then we were good to go this month but it may be tight but feasible. That was the end of the consultation.

    That evening, I did feel cramping. It was like others describe, period pain. I personally felt like I had trapped wind for just under a week which was really uncomfortable.

    The following day, we selected the donor sperm from the clinic. They only had one donor for IUI. Luckily, they matched our criteria. The same day, my partner rang the clinic to organise my infection screening. She booked the date for me and they then asked her when she wants hers to be booked. This confused her - why does she need her bloods taken as we are not egg sharing. They explained that HFEA do not discriminate same sex couples and require all partners to be tested! My partner has very little free time and was a little annoyed that we had not been told about this. She told the clinic as we wanted to start ASAP that if they needed her bloods that it would delay treatment as she was away/working and had no free days. The clinic saw from my notes that I work in the NHS and asked if my partner was happy if I took her bloods, which she is. The lady also explained that we would not be able to start on the month we were told as they do "an admin" month. She explained that the next time I start my cycle I am to inform the clinic and they ensure that all my paperwork is done and tie up any loose ends, so I would have to start on next cycle. She apologised for the miscommunication and said she would speak to the consultant. In all honestly, it did not overly matter. I wanted to start ASAP and on the date of my HyCoSy, I was on day 9 and wanted to start that month, but as we had not had our consent appointment we knew it would be tight and the following month we were away so couldn't do it then.

    Plan for next few weeks is to relax. My next cycle should start in a week. When it does I can then book consent appointment. I fly to Ireland for my sisters 40th in a week and a half and stay for just over a week, when I come back I will have my infection screening done and take my partners.

    5 week countdown to IUI!!!!