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known donor - dummy steps
« on: 2/08/18, 08:49 »
Hi all,

My friend has kindly offered to donate his sperm, however, I am struggling to find what the next steps are. What tests will he need to get, do we register with a clinic etc. Has anyone gone this route and is able to offer me a dummies step by step guide - that would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance


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    known donor - dummy steps
    « Reply #1 on: 3/08/18, 16:44 »

    We're using a known donor. I'll try and explain as much as I can.
    We are doing it at home. Tracking ovulation, syringe and that's pretty much it.
    The most important step I think will be to have him tested...and yourself for STI's and maybe wouldn't be a bad idea to have basics fertility tests if you wish. I've been with a clinic before and have been extensively tested but for him we just did the STI screening so far.
    For the basics test you won't need to register with a clinic, book an appointment with your GP and he might help you.
    If you have specific questions I am happy to help.

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    known donor - dummy steps
    « Reply #2 on: 5/08/18, 23:56 »
    Hi Nicol,

    A lot depends on the legalities - if you aren't married or in a civil partnership then the donor will have full exercisable rights to be involved in the child's life.

    Do you/your oartner have any fertility issues? If not, we're you planning on using a clinic to conceive? Most clinics allow you to use a known donor and will outline a 4/5 step process for testing and collecting their samples. Whilst this can initially be pricey it can work out cheaper than a situation where you ended up buying multiple vials of anonymous donor sperm.

    I've put some potentially relevant links below for you.

    Herts x